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Turley Wine Cellars

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Rating: C
Aug 12th, 2006
2900 Vineyard Drive, Templeton, CA 93465

Phone: (805) 434-1030

Club/Discounts: Mailing list from Website. 2 Yr Waiting List

Tasting Fees: $10 for 4 tastings. Includes glass

Turley is well known for their Zinfandels that are bold and balanced that age well. The winery is the only place to buy the wines and is hidden away south of Paso Robles on the way to San Luis Obispo - worth a visit. May 2008: Visited Turley again to check out the winery. Good friendly service and nice wines. Worth visiting. Wine club has a two year waiting list!! Only four Zinfandels are available to taste at the winery out of a list of 13. I would love to have tried the others but not to be. We bought a variety of bottles to taste at a later date

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2003 Ueberroth Vineyard Paso Robles Zinfandel ($60)Rating: C
Aug 12th, 2006
Great aroma of wood with a broad jammy finish
2005 Estate Zinfandel ($60)Rating: C
Dec 6th, 2008
Very nice wine. One of the better Zinfandels I have tried. This is the disadvantage of not trying the wine in the tasting room. Beautiful fruit and finish. Just annoyed that I don't have any more!!
2005 Old Vines California Zinfandel ($28)Rating: C
May 18th, 2008
Nicer wine than the Juvenile. More structure and a better finish. "Kirsch".
2007 Dragon Vineyard Howell Mountain Zinfandel ($73)Rating: C
Dec 9th, 2009
Good fruit upfront. Pepper, spice on the finish. Fruit fills the mouth. Nice wine
2003 Pesenti Vineyard Paso Robles Zinfandel ($70)Rating: B-C
Aug 12th, 2006
Fruit bomb - at this price, would expect better
2004 Dusi Vineyard Paso Robles Zinfandel ($50)Rating: B-C
Aug 12th, 2006
Wood aroma, sweet taste initially then is smooth and spice flavours on the palette with a nice finish.
2005 Dusi Vineyard Zinfandel ($48)Rating: B-C
May 18th, 2008
Medium to full bodied Zinfandel with long finish. Nice wine. "Cherry".
2005 Juvenile California Zinfandel ($55)Rating: B-C
Jun 17th, 2008
I really enjoyed the 2005 Juvenile Zinfandel. Good fruit and nice finish. A lighter style Zin but great with some bbq. Drinking well right now.
2005 Pesenti Vineyard Zinfandel ($40)Rating: B-C
May 18th, 2008
Floral nose up front, with lots of spice. "Pepper". Good BBQ wine
2004 Juvenille California Zinfandel ($40)Rating: B
Aug 12th, 2006
Young vines: < 50 years. Mid length wine with taste in the middle of the palette and a dry finish
2006 Juvenile California Zinfandel ($22)Rating: B
May 18th, 2008
Easy to drink Zinfandel. Not much finish but good value at $22. Ruby red color
2005 Red Velvet Zinfandel ($10)Rating: A-B
May 18th, 2008
Pretty harsh, but you cannot expect much for $10!!

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Turley Wine Cellars winery, Turley Wine Cellars

Turley Wine Cellars winery, Turley Wine Cellars

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