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Laird Family Estate

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Rating: C
Jun 10th, 2006
5055 Solano Ave, Napa, CA 94558

Phone: 707 257 0360

Hours: 10am - 5pm, 7 days a week

Club/Discounts: 20% Discount

Tasting Fees: 10

We turned up at Laird in a Limo bus with 15 people and no appointment as we were early for our next winery, and they very kindly let us come in. We sat out on their beautiful lawn with incredible view for about 20 minutes while they got ready, and then got treated to some very good service. They have a large selection of wines, the tasting room is big, open and accommodating (also includes a gift shop). A nice place to visit. Recommended.

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2001 Cold Creek Ranch Chardonnay ($35)Rating: B-C
Jun 10th, 2006
Now we are moving in the right direction. Much stronger flavors and a nice Chardonnay. More complex taste. I thought it was very good
2001 Napa Valley Merlot ($30)Rating: B
Jun 10th, 2006
A nice, easy drinking Merlot with good flavors.
2002 Red Hen Ranch Chardonnay ($35)Rating: B
Jun 10th, 2006
Definitely better. Sue got a flavor of apricots. Crisper with more flavor then the Carneros
2004 Carneros Chardonnay ($28)Rating: A-B
Jun 10th, 2006
Another Napa buttery Chardonnay. You could probably guess by now that I hate the buttery chardonnays. If you like them, then you will like this wine

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