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Freemark Abbey

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Rating: A-B
Feb 18th, 2006
3022 St. Helena Highway, St. Helena, CA 94574

Phone: 800.963.9698

Club/Discounts: 3 clubs - Master, Cardinal, Josephine's

Tasting Fees: $5 Regular, $10 Reserve tasting

We had tasted the Freemark Abbey prime label (Bosche, named after the owners) previously, but were not expecting much from the winery. We were not to be disappointed. The winery service was slow, not really friendly and wanted the money upfront, before talking about the wines or winery.

After the tastings, we did get a free glass for each of the tastings - whoop dee doo.

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1997 Bosche Cabernet Sauvignon ($85)Rating: B-C
Feb 18th, 2006
Good structure and medium long finish. More fruit than the 2000 Bosche and will last longer in the cellar. Again, not good at this price, but a nice cabernet.
2000 Bosche Cabernet Sauvignon ($70)Rating: B-C
Feb 18th, 2006
Very nice wine, not too jammy or heavy - good structure. Leaves the mouth a little dry, but not overly dry. Probably at it's best now, but overpriced at $70. Would be goot value at $25-30.
1998 Bosche Cabernet Sauvignon ($35)Rating: B
Feb 18th, 2006
Named after the owner's family, the Bosche has more flavour than the 1998 Sycamore. It has a better smell and drinkable, but past it's best. Another special discount on the day.
1998 Sycamore Cabernet Sauvignon ($35)Rating: A-B
Feb 18th, 2006
Sycamore vineyard is located in rutherford, but no sign of the classic rutherford dust that you taste in BV or Sequoia Grove wines. A cabernet smell, but the taste is a little watery but balanced. Sue thought it "tasted liked a pasture" (manure). This wine is probably past it's best, explaining the special discount for 1998 wines.
2000 Merlot ($26)Rating: A
Feb 18th, 2006
"Funky & Burnt" Not wild about this one - taste like a cheese plate and too sharp on the finish.

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Freemark Abbey winery, Freemark Abbey

Freemark Abbey winery, Freemark Abbey

Freemark Abbey winery, Freemark Abbey

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