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Sawyer Cellars

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Rating: B
Feb 4th, 2006
8350 St Helena Hwy, Rutherford, CA 94558

Phone: 707 963 1980

Hours: Open Daily 10am - 5pm

Club/Discounts: 3 Wine Clubs, 5% to 20% Discounts

Tasting Fees: $7.50

Very small production winery, about 4200 cases total, all estate wines. The tasting room is very nice - in a converted old barn with cathedral ceilings and cedar throughout, and can cater to a reasonably sized crowd. We were disappointed with the service though - it was very average. The person working the room was falsely nice, but never really gave us any reasons for wanting to go back or buy any wines. An average winery.

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2002 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($46)Rating: B-C
Feb 4th, 2006
Best wine of the winery. Good smell and color. Soft up front with a good finish. In time this wine could be very good
2001 Estate Bradford Meritage ($42)Rating: B
Feb 4th, 2006
Bordeaux style blend (only blend they do). Nice wine. Smooth with a nice finish. An easy wine to drink
2002 Estate Merlot ($38)Rating: A
Feb 4th, 2006
This Merlot won a Gold Medal from the SF Chronicle. It is 100% Merlot, aged 21 months in French Oak. It started out with a great smell but the finish was very disappointing. When Ian described the wine as currant, cedar and aluminium - Shane believed him. Disappointing

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Sawyer Cellars winery, Sawyer Cellars

Sawyer Cellars winery, Sawyer Cellars

Sawyer Cellars winery, Sawyer Cellars

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