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Acacia Winery

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Rating: C
Jun 28th, 2005
2750 Las Amigas Road, Napa, CA 94559

Phone: 707 226 9991

Hours: 10am - 4pm (12pm - 4pm Sunday) - Appt only

Club/Discounts: Friends of Acacia 20% Discount

Tasting Fees: $10 Current Releases, $15 Current Releases plus Single Vineyard Selections

We stumbled across Acacia by accident, as we were driving around the back roads of Napa. Luckily we were there midweek, as they usually let you taste by appointment only, but as it was very quiet they decided to let us in. This winery is not really designed for visitors - this was confirmed to us by the person working that day who said they don't cater for visitors. The tasting room is very small. Acacia only make two types of wine - Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noirs are excellent and definitely recommended, especially their single vineyard Pinots which seem to be darker and richer than the typical Pinots from the region. 12/30/08: We visited Acacia again and this time had a better experience at the tasting room. We did not have an appointment but were catered to immediately. The server was very knowledgeable and we ended up there for over an hour tasting the wines and listening to the information being given to us. We upgraded the winery rating from B to C. Nice wines and a good overall experience

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2002 St Clair Vineyard Pinot Noir ($50)Rating: C
Jul 10th, 2005
Another excellent Pinot. Very well balanced and smooth from 35 year old vines.
2003 Beckstoffer Vineyard Pinot Noir ($60)Rating: C
Jul 10th, 2005
Favourite wine at the winery. Another very good Pinot. Great smell (lots of fruit), very smooth and a big finish. This will hold for years.
2003 Field Blend Estate Pinot Noir ($50)Rating: C
Jul 10th, 2005
      Best Value Wine - July, 2005

A very good Pinot which is only available at the winery. Great color, complex aromas and flavors. Recommended.
2006 Horseshoe Bend Pinot Noir ($65)Rating: C
Dec 30th, 2008
The only Pinot from Russian River, and definitely drinking the best out of the Pinots. More approachable right out of the bottle whereas the Carneros Pinots need more time. Expensive at $65
2005 Winery Lake Chardonnay ($32)Rating: B-C
Dec 30th, 2008
Crisper Chardonnay than the Marsh. Better wine
2006 Beckstoffer Pinot Noir ($75)Rating: B-C
Dec 30th, 2008
Much older vines and labeled as a "beef eaters Pinot". Dark red Pinot with a nice nose and tannic finish. Definitely needs time and should improve but hard to justify the price
2006 Desoto Pinot Noir ($55)Rating: B-C
Dec 30th, 2008
Not much in the nose and a light colored Pinot. Surprised how smooth the finish was though. Nice wine
2006 Lone Tree Pinot Noir ($55)Rating: B-C
Dec 30th, 2008
Used to be known as the Field Blend Pinot Noir. Good nose, fruit and finish. Nice Pinot but expensive at $55
0 Mongrel Rouge ($25)Rating: B
Dec 30th, 2008
The mongrel rouge has no vintage and is basically a blend of whatever Pinots are left over. It is sold in magnums only and at $25 is a great deal for a party. It is drinkable and not bad
2003 Carneros Pinot Noir ($25)Rating: B
Jul 10th, 2005
"Berry" / "Cherry" aromas. Nice color and taste. A nice Pinot. Dry finish.
2006 Winery Lake Pinot Noir ($55)Rating: B
Dec 30th, 2008
Another nice Pinot but does not live up to the price. $55 is expensive
2007 Marsh Chardonnay ($25)Rating: B
Dec 30th, 2008
50% Malolactic fermentation, made from the lees of the barrels. I was not mad about it due to the buttery finish
1993 Brut Sparkling ($40)Rating: A-B
Jul 10th, 2005
Average - not worth $40
2003 Carneros Chardonnay ($20)Rating: A-B
Jul 10th, 2005
Another example of malactic fermentation typical of Napa Chardonnays - If you like the "buttery" taste then you will like this wine.
2007 Rose of Pinot Noir ($20)Rating: A-B
Dec 30th, 2008
Not very good. Watery - Just not much going on with it at all

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Acacia Winery winery, Acacia Winery

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