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Roche Winery

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Rating: B-C
Jun 18th, 2005
122 West Spain Street, Sonoma, CA 95476

Phone: 707 935 7115

Hours: Open Daily 11am - 6.30pm (5.30pm Sunday)

Club/Discounts: 15% Member Discount

Tasting Fees: 3 Complimentary Tastes

Roche Winery was our winery of the day and a very pleasant surprise. The wines are good but the service is outstanding. We really had a fun time here and the people working were very friendly and helpful and keen to answer all of our questions and tell a few stories. The tasting room is large enough for a crowd, and what is very surprising is that this is the very first winery you hit when driving into Sonoma from San Francisco - you would expect it to be a tourist trap which it very much isn't. Definitely recommended. Feb 2010 - Looks like Roche has moved location. The tasting room is now at the Sonoma Plaza. We went to an open house and were not at all impressed with the wines. The food though was very good!!

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2004 Barrel Tasting - Carneros SyrahRating: B-C
Jun 18th, 2005
Lots of fruit. Another great barrel tasting.
2004 Barrel Tasting - Reserve Carneros Pinot NoirRating: B-C
Jun 18th, 2005
Very good out of the barrel - I will definitely be coming back to taste this when it is bottled.
2002 Cabernet Sauvignon ($35)Rating: B
Jun 18th, 2005
Nice and smooth with a tasteof cherry and a good finish. Not worth $35 though.
2002 Carneros Estate Syrah ($26)Rating: B
Jun 18th, 2005
A nice everyday wine with a taste of raspberries this time
2002 Carneros Pinot Noir ($25)Rating: B
Jun 18th, 2005
A nice light, everyday Pinot Noir. Very good.
2002 Mendocino Zinfandel ($20)Rating: B
Jun 18th, 2005
Preferred the Pinot but this is an excellent value Zinfandel, produced from 65 year old vines.
2004 Barrel Tasting - Reserve Carneros MerlotRating: B
Jun 18th, 2005
This merlot will be nice. Looking forward to trying it when it is bottled.
2008 Carneros Estate Pinot Noir ($28)Rating: B
Feb 21st, 2010
Not much going on here. Pretty flat without much structure
1999 Carneros Estate Reserve Pinot Noir ($43)Rating: A-B
Jun 18th, 2005
Very dry Pinot. Good color. Smoky flavor.
2006 Carneros Estate Syrah ($26)Rating: A-B
Feb 21st, 2010
Tart wine without much structure. No thanks
2006 Carneros Merlot ($26)Rating: A-B
Feb 21st, 2010
Very light merlot. Lacking body. Was not that impressed
2002 Carneros Estate Merlot ($26)Rating: A
Jun 18th, 2005
Sharp finish. Not very good.

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Roche Winery winery, Roche Winery

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