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Iron Horse Vineyards

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Rating: B
Nov 18th, 2011
9786 Ross Station Road Sebastopol, CA 95472-2179

Phone: (707) 887-1507

Tasting Fees: $10 waived for purchase

Lovely views, open air tasting, good place to get the day started with some decent domestic sparkling wines!

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2007 Wedding Cuvee ($38)Rating: B-C
Nov 21st, 2011
Very nice rose, solid effort for a domestic. Nice fruit flavors and toasted notes at the back end. There are better and cheaper French versions but here are also ones twice the price and not as decent so a reliable drinker from its prior ratings.
2006 Ocean Reserve ($40)Rating: B
Nov 18th, 2011
Gets the B for the fact it donates $4 from every bottle to National Geographic fund to benefit the Ocean. A particular nose/taste that actually smells/tastes salty makes it resemble the Ocean a little too much. Probably better with food.

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