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Rating: C-D
Sep 9th, 2011
4029 Hagen Road, Napa, CA 94458

Phone: 707 226 5587

Hours: By Appointment Only

Club/Discounts: No Club

Tasting Fees: $60 (Tour and Tasting)

For those of you visiting Napa that want to experience a winery tour that is completely unique (and show you what you can get when you spend a lot of money), then we definitely recommend Palmaz. It is pretty incredible what they have built at Palmaz. The tasting is expensive at $60 but you do get a tour of the winery and the experience lasts about 2 hours in total. The wines are also very good. The height of the wine cave built into Mount George in Coombsville (we are loving Coombsville wines these days!!) is equivalent to an 18 storey building - the concept is to recreate true gravity flow winemaking so the wine is not agitated at any stage. Personally I do not see how the Palmaz family could ever get a return on the investment they put into building the winery - the wine caves are pretty spectacular. But Mr Palmaz did invent the coronory stent so I suppose he has a lot of spare cash lying around!! The tour and private tasting (paired with excellent cheeses and chocolate) is very good and well worth seeing

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2007 Cabernet Sauvignon "Gaston" ($150)Rating: C-D
Sep 9th, 2011
Unbelievably smooth Cabernet (100%). The tannins are very smooth and this wine is really drinking well today. I would love to see how this wine ages
2007 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($100)Rating: C-D
Sep 9th, 2011
Another excellent Cabernet Sauvignon from the really fantastic 2007 vintage. This wine is drinking really well today. Very well balanced with super smooth tannins. I'd love to see how these wines age. 22 months in new French oak

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Palmaz winery, Palmaz

Palmaz winery, Palmaz

Palmaz winery, Palmaz

Palmaz winery, Palmaz

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