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Seavey Vineyard

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Rating: D
Jul 16th, 2011
1310 Conn Valley Rd Saint Helena, CA 94574

Phone: (707) 963-8339

Hours: 10am-5pm, Tues thru Sat. Appointment Only

Club/Discounts: 2 Clubs. 10% - 15% discount

Seavey is a fantastic place to visit. Tricky to find, but when you do, it is a gem of a winery. The property was first settled in the early 1870's in Conn Valley, just east off the Silverado Trail. We turned up with about 20 people in a stretch Hummer for my 40th birthday celebrations. It was a bit of a party and the team at Seavey could not have been better. They showed us around the beautiful property where we had lunch with some of their fantastic wines. If you get a chance to visit, it comes highly recommended December 20th 2011 - I love Seavey!! The wine, the winery, the experience. Another fantastic time with Alex at Seavey trying the latest releases. Picked up a couple of bottles for Christmas dinner. Great day again.

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2007 Seavey Cabernet ($95)Rating: C-D
Jul 16th, 2011
Big wine that changed with every mouthful, big potential, needs some time to settle down but all the elements are there.
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon ($95)Rating: C-D
Dec 21st, 2011
Another monster wine from Seavey that has a lot of potential. I really would like to try this again in a few years as it will only get better. Big, big fruit and finish. Classic Howell Mountain Cabernet with 90.5% Cabernet and 9.5% Petit Verdot. 95 points from Robert Parker. A great wine!!
2001 Seavey Cabernet ($125)Rating: C
Jul 16th, 2011
A bit price heavy to get a C-D and would need to be decanted to really get a consistent flavor but plenty of positive things going for it if this is your style of wine.
2004 Caravina ($65)Rating: C
Jul 16th, 2011
Very well executed Cabernet, not too fat, nice balance of fruit/tannins, good aging potential for a second growth label. The 2005 is supposed to be even better, bought it but haven't tasted it yet.
2006 Caravina ($60)Rating: C
Dec 21st, 2011
Drinking the best today out of the amazing collection of wines we tried. Another great Cabernet (and second label)
2008 Caravina ($55)Rating: C
Dec 21st, 2011
Wow. I really love this wine. Having such a strong second label wine makes it difficult to justify the price difference to get the first label. You can almost get 2 of these for the price of one Seavey Cabernet; and this is a really good Cabernet. Again I would like to try this in a few years as it will get better. Beautiful!!

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Seavey Vineyard winery, Seavey Vineyard

Seavey Vineyard winery, Seavey Vineyard

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