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Red Car Wine Co

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Rating: B-C
Mar 6th, 2011
8400 Graton Road Sebastopol CA 95472

Phone: 707 829-8500

Funky spot slightly hidden behind Dutton Goldfield on the Graton road. There are three 2009 reserve bottlings that have great labels and are highly recommended. The 2007 Heaven and Earth got a 97 from Wine Spectator but a more balanced 91 from Stephen Tanzer, so if you like a lighter style Pinot (Calera clone) this may be a firm favorite. There are a couple of three box samples, pinot and syrah that give good incentives to pick up a couple.

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2007 Cuvee 22 Syrah ($55)Rating: B-C
Mar 6th, 2011
The Cuvee 22 is a reserve Syrah and shows signs that suggest this might be a solid effort given a bit of time in the bottle. Dark fruits, not much tannin but a bit of acidity which could all mingle to be a nice surprise in 18-24 months..
2008 Boxcar Syrah ($20)Rating: B
Mar 6th, 2011
Described as one of the best Syrah's for $20 in the US by some folks, this is a reasonable drinker not built for the long haul but has nice dark fruit characteristics and is balanced, maybe a bit sweet for some.
2009 Boxcar Pinot Noir ($28)Rating: B
Mar 6th, 2011
Lighter style pinot, soft fruit and balanced.
2009 Trolley Pinot Noir ($45)Rating: B
Mar 6th, 2011
A bit more backbone to this one, showed promise. Gives an idea of what the reserve editions may be like.
2009 Boxcar Chardonnay ($23)Rating: A-B
Mar 6th, 2011
Fairly lifeless chardonnay, "breakfast wine" as it was described. A mild drinker, serve cold on a warm day, but not distinct enough to recommend at the price.

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