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Cline Cellars

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Rating: C-D
Jan 8th, 2011
24737 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, CA 95476

Phone: 800 546 2070

Hours: Open Daily 10am - 6pm

Club/Discounts: 3 Clubs. 20-25% Discounts

Tasting Fees: Complimentary 5 Tastings; $1 per taste for Reserves

I really enjoyed Cline Cellars. I have been there twice now and neither visit disappointed me. The first visit was more of a family picnic with friends - Cline has excellent picnic facilities and is very family friendly with birds and animals to keep the kids occupied. The second tasting was on a wine bus, so definitely a more adult crowd focused on drinking the wines. Both visits were excellent. Cline is one of the first wineries you hit on the drive from San Francisco and is a very popular spot with tourists - usually the type of winery we try to avoid! It is popular with the bus tours. Typically the Carneros Region is planted with Pinot and Chardonnay, whereas Cline pioneered the planting of Rhone varietals such as Syrah, Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne. The wines are extremely good value and great everyday drinkers. Service on both of our visits was excellent and we got to taste a lot of wines - they definitely are not afraid to pour the wines. If you want a fun winery with excellent value wines and a short drive from San Francisco then Cline is for you. Recommended.

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2008 Big Break Zinfandel ($30)Rating: B-C
Jan 8th, 2011
"Big Break is Indiana Jones with a Bullwhip". What a great description. This is a nice Zin with good tannins. Nice everyday wine again
2009 Cashmere ($21)Rating: B-C
Jan 8th, 2011
Another nice drinking wine straight out of the bottle. 50% Mourvedre, 33% Grenache and 17% Syrah. Definitely a value rating
2009 Marsanne / Roussanne ($20)Rating: B-C
Jan 8th, 2011
Definitely a value rating. First wine of the day and a very pleasant surprise. This is a blend of 2 Rhone varietals (74% Marsanne and 26% Roussanne)

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Cline Cellars winery, Cline Cellars

Cline Cellars winery, Cline Cellars

Cline Cellars winery, Cline Cellars

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