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Astrale e Terra

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Rating: D
Jun 11th, 2010
5017 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 94558

Phone: 7072551134

Hours: By Appointment Only

Club/Discounts: 15%-20% (2 Clubs)

Tasting Fees: No Charge

Astrale e Terra is a great place to visit. Located at 1250 ft above the Napa Valley floor on Atlas Peak, Astrale e Terra (Heaven and Earth) is a small boutique winery that produce quality wines for reasonable prices. The winery itself is next to impossible to find; drive to the end of Soda Canyon Road, look for the green house on the right, drive up the lane past the green house and you will get to the winery!! Hilarious and exactly what we love finding in Napa. There is no tasting room; just a large patio with a table and the small winery. We got treated to a good sampling of the wines and also to a barrel tasting. Beautiful location, great wines, excellent service - what Napa used to be. Ask for Natalie. Excellent!!

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1997 Cabernet Sauvignon Estate ($65)Rating: C
Jun 30th, 2010
We got to taste an older Cab from Astrale e Terra which was great as we got to see how the wines aged. The Cab was drinking really well; very smooth, good fruit and tannins. Nice wine
2003 Estate Merlot ($32)Rating: C
Jun 30th, 2010
3 years in French Oak followed by bottle aged for 18 months, we really enjoyed the 2003 Merlot. Only 100 cases, the wine will get better with more time. Good value
2004 Arcturus Cabernet Sauvignon ($39)Rating: C
Jun 30th, 2010
77% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 6% Petit Verdot; the Arcturus has 1566 cases. Nice blend that will get better with time
2008 Sauvignon Blanc ($22)Rating: C
Jun 30th, 2010
Value wine. Great sunny day wine, the first white wine produced by Astrale e Terra. "Lemon meringue pie". 274 cases produced. Really enjoyed sitting in the sun drinking this wine
2003 Estate Syrah ($28)Rating: B-C
Jun 30th, 2010
Big fruit, very inky color. This is a big Syrah that would be great with a BBQ. 421 cases produced. Less than 3 acres of Syrah are planted
2004 Estate Merlot ($32)Rating: B-C
Jun 30th, 2010
Big merlot, long tannins. I would definitely like to come back to this wine in a few years and try it again

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Astrale e Terra winery, Astrale e Terra

Astrale e Terra winery, Astrale e Terra

Astrale e Terra winery, Astrale e Terra

Astrale e Terra winery, Astrale e Terra

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