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Miramar Estate (Miramar Torres)

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Rating: B-C
Nov 19th, 2011
11400 Graton Road | Sebastopol, CA 95472

Phone: (707) 823-4365

Tasting Fees: $10 basic and $15 reserve

Good Chardonnay and Pinot at fair prices, nothing over $50. Membership of the Club provides opportunities to buy single vineyard productions. The Bonita's Hill Chardonnay and Cristina Pinot for example are very good wines.

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2001 Pinot Noir ($22)Rating: B-C
Mar 6th, 2010
Big structured wine, very Euro in style. Lots of fruit, tannins and smokiness. Maybe not the bottle to start the night with but great to squeeze into a tasting or a cheese course. Don't wait for this to get better it will probably just fade.

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