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Truett Hurst

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Rating: B
Jan 17th, 2010
5610 Dry Creek Road Healdsburgh California 95448

Phone: 707 433 9545

Tasted as part of a wineroad event - rainy day and large crowd due to the event. It was hard to get a true appreciation of the winery or wines based on the crowds. They serve a lot of Reds, especially Zins but none especially stood out. I'm not sure if they intended the name to sound like True Thirst...

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2006 Red Rooster Zinfandel ($29)Rating: B
Jan 17th, 2010
Tastes like a red fruit salad, would do better with a creamy dessert. Very sweet on the a palate.
2006 Three Vineyard Zinfandel ($13)Rating: B
Jan 17th, 2010
Not bad, with some jammy flavours but a little harsh at the back of the mouth. May be better with time to breathe first. Even at half price (12.50) there were not many buyers between us.
2006 Burning Man Petite Syrah ($33)Rating: A
Jan 17th, 2010
2008 Zinfandel Rose ($15)Rating: A
Jan 17th, 2010
No thank you - not suitable for a cold and wet wintry day

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