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King Estate Winery

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Rating: C
Aug 11th, 2009
80854 Territorial Rd Eugene, Oregon 97405

Amazing location on the top of a hill with spectacular views of the valley. Great Restaurant and tasting room, wine staff are a bit sales focused. A free basic tasting and and a $5 expanded tasting are on offer, the $5 is credited to any wine purchase. No reserve/library wine tasting on offer.

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2007 Domaine Pinot Gris ($25)Rating: B
Aug 11th, 2009
Good flavors with a hint of spice but there is a terroir issue that seems to lurk in the wine giving it a definite flint/chalk tinge.
2006 Craftsman Gewurtraminer ($18)Rating: A-B
Aug 11th, 2009
Rounded citrus flavor but a trace of chalkiness that didn't help this wine.
2007 NxNW Cabernet Sauvignon ($25)Rating: A-B
Aug 11th, 2009
No idea what this was supposed to be, more like a Zin meets a Syrah, serious blue fruits and thick purple color. Could have been Port in another lifetime. Maybe it will balance out as the flavors integrate but wouldn't buy it to find out.
2008 Signature Rose ($18)Rating: A-B
Aug 11th, 2009
Reasonable Rose, nothing defining, a bit more red fruit flavor due to the Syrah base which may appeal to those more fond of Red wines.

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