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Cristom Vineyards

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Rating: C
Aug 13th, 2009
23924 Territorial Hwy. Monroe, OR 97456

Great location with picnic tables and a beautiful garden surrounding. Friendly staff who clearly enjoy their wines. Free tasting of a number of wines.

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2000 Louise Vinyard Pinot noir ($50)Rating: C
Aug 14th, 2009
Displaying good flavor for a nearly decade old Pinot. This has enough backbone to go for longer in the cellar, not quite as earthy as the Louise vineyard but straight out of the bottle and it was ready to consume.
2004 Louise Vineyard Pinot Noir ($50)Rating: C
Aug 15th, 2009
Drinking very nicely, rounded and very well balanced. Dark fruit with good depth of flavor and tannin.
2006 Loiuse Vineyard Pinot Noir ($50)Rating: C
Aug 13th, 2009
Lots of dark flavors and layers, combined with a good tannic kick. Will benefit from some cellar aging and looking forward to drinking it. Could become a gem!
2007 Estate Pinot Gris ($20)Rating: C
Aug 20th, 2009
Drank a bottle last night, very good. Lots of yellow/green fruit flavors. Nice acidity and balance. Tasty stuff and good value!
2005 Estate Syrah ($30)Rating: B
Aug 13th, 2009
Very limited production, has good jammy flavors and intensity, well integrated effort from a Pinot dominated winery. Given the hot 09 summer in OR, this might be be produced again, 3rd time lucky!
2006 Sommers Reserve Pinot noir ($50)Rating: B
Aug 13th, 2009
Felt this was going through a slightly muted period, it was a bit closed, none of the bright red fruit the basic Pinot had. Given the quality of the basic Pinot and the other reserves, I am sure this will shine through.
2007 Germaine Chardonnay ($25)Rating: B
Aug 13th, 2009
A marginally fatter style of Chardonnay, hint of oak but balanced by the acidity but not overly big given the fruitier flavors.
2007 Mt Jefferson Cuvee Pinot Noir ($30)Rating: B
Aug 13th, 2009
Red fruit flavors, lighter style and made for drinking. Good Burgundy characteristics, won't fight a year or so in the bottle but won't produce much more depth, so tuck in!

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