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Shea Wine Cellars

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12321 NE Hwy 240, Newberg, OR 97132

Phone: 503 241 6527

Shea Wine Cellars make some of the best Pinot Noirs in the US. We have not been to the winery so cannot rate that but have drunk their Pinots on numerous occasions and have never been disappointed. There is definitely a lot of positive press out there about Shea - Wine Enthusiast designated them one of 5 vineyards in the US as "Grand Cru"; SF Chronicle put them on the "new cult" list; the Wine News has them listed as one of 13 great US vineyards; the list goes on and on. There is a reason for all the buzz around Shea though as they produce fantastic Pinots and also supply grapes to some of Oregon's top Pinot producers

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2005 Estate Pinot Noir ($40)Rating: C
Jul 28th, 2009
      Best Wine - July, 2009

Pinot Noirs from Shea tend to be very complex with beautiful fruit up front and balanced tannins. The 2005 Estate is a really nice Pinot that we could easily have held onto longer

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