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Monticello Vineyards

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Rating: B
Dec 30th, 2008
4242 Big Ranch Road, Napa, CA 94558

Phone: 707 253 2802

Hours: 10am to 4.30pm Daily

Club/Discounts: 20% Discount

Tasting Fees: Monticello: 4 wines for $15. Corley Reserve: 3 wines for $20

Just an average experience. The tasting room is nice and was pretty empty when we visited but the server seemed preoccupied. The wines are nothing special, and when we left we really were not left with any lasting impression that would make us go back.

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2004 State Lane Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon ($58)Rating: B-C
Dec 30th, 2008
I liked the Cabernet but both Sue and Ian were not impressed. It had a nice color and nose with good ruby red color
2006 Estate Syrah ($38)Rating: B-C
Dec 30th, 2008
I thought the Syrah was very good and probably the best wine we tasted at the winery. Very peppery though so you really want to like pepper to appreciate this wine. Good nose, color and a nice structure with a smooth finish. It would be great with a steak
2005 Estate Merlot ($34)Rating: B
Dec 30th, 2008
80% Merlot / 20% Cab Franc. Dies pretty quickly
2006 Estate Grown Chardonnay ($28)Rating: B
Dec 30th, 2008
Lots of fruit in this Chardonnay. Sue tasted peaches and it seemed quite "syrupy". Not for me
2006 Estate Grown Pinot Noir ($38)Rating: B
Dec 30th, 2008
Mid palate Pinot. Not a bad everyday drinker, but couldn't justify the price

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Monticello Vineyards winery, Monticello Vineyards

Monticello Vineyards winery, Monticello Vineyards

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