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Alexander Valley Vineyards

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Rating: C
May 14th, 2005
8644 Highway 128, Healdsburg, CA

Phone: 800/888-7209

Hours: 10AM - 5PM

Club/Discounts: Selection of wines shipped 4 times per year - 20% discount on cases

Tasting Fees: No Tasting Fee. $10 Tasting Fee for Cyrus (refundable with purchase)

Overall very good service - Andy and Pat were very helpful. Based on previously tasting '00 Cyrus, we convinced them to open a bottle of '99 Cyrus, (see notes below) and rewarded them by taking a case home. We arrived on the day of Spring Bash wine club blending party - wine club members are allowed to blend different varietals, and the winning blend is selected for a small bottling sold through the winery. The winery is family owned, using land purchased from the family "Cyrus Alexander" many years ago. They have two winemakers, including a change in primary winemaker after the 1998 vintage. The new winemaker uses less Cabernet in their blend than previously - this may not be a bad thing.

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2001 Cyrus ($50)Rating: C-D
May 14th, 2005
      Best Value Wine - May, 2005
      Best Wine - May, 2005

Very good wine - still young. Good fruity aroma, tannins and flavour is a little soft now, but should improve some in years to come
1999 Cyrus ($75)Rating: C
Jan 13th, 2007
Smells of jammy fruit, with a taste that starts with fruit, but gives way to decent tannins and clean finish, although not a long finish. Needs an hour to open up fully, this should last for a few more years. Mostly Cab Sauv, but has some Cab Franc and Merlot blended in to give a smoother finish. May 14, 2005: Lots of potential. Great smell with lots of cab flavour that should age well. Look forward to tasting in a few years, will probably age better than the '01. C-D
2000 Cyrus ($50)Rating: B-C
May 14th, 2005
A good wine, but not as good as '99 or '01. Drinking well now, not expected to improve much as there was little structure to suggest any further development.
2002 Estate Merlot ($20)Rating: B-C
May 14th, 2005
Very powerful merlot - tasted more like a cab. Lots of fruit aromas and flavours along with a mouthful of ripe tannins. Very drinkable.
2004 Estate Merlot ($20)Rating: B-C
Jul 31st, 2007
Impressive for this price of a Merlot. Good fruit on the nose and flavours on the palate.
2006 Alexander School Reserve Cabernet ($35)Rating: B-C
Jan 22nd, 2010
Getting better. Big tannins, decent fruit. Nice wine and good value at $35
2002 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($20)Rating: B
May 14th, 2005
Medium bodied wine with lots of cherry flavour and a smooth feel. Not as big as the merlot, and surprising light for a new Cab. It may improve over time. not bad for the price and year, but would have hoped for a bigger wine on the palate.
2003 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($20)Rating: B
Jan 23rd, 2007
Berry aroma, some tannins on the tongue with a Medium finish. An easy drinker during the week.
2003 Estate Merlot ($18)Rating: B
Jan 30th, 2006
Solid Merlot, easy to drink and ideal for a mid week tipple.
2004 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($20)Rating: B
Dec 26th, 2006
Nice balanced Cab, easy to drink but not a long finish or body
2005 Two Barrel ($19)Rating: B
Jan 22nd, 2010
50% Syrah, 50% Merlot. Was not mad about it
2006 Redemption Zinfandel ($18)Rating: B
Jan 31st, 2009
Smells more promising than the Sin Zin. Slightly acidic fruit flavours with medium chewy finish.
2008 Estate Chardonnay ($16)Rating: B
Jan 22nd, 2010
Not very impressive. Sharp. Not for me
2004 Estate Syrah ($20)Rating: A-B
Sep 9th, 2006
A bit too powerful for my taste, but may improve with time
2006 Sin Zin ($8)Rating: A-B
Jan 31st, 2009
Plain average Zinfandel, no finish and only a little heat.
2006 Temptation Zinfandel ($12)Rating: A-B
Jan 31st, 2009
Toast, lots of oakiness, but not fruit on the finish.

Sort by : Vintage / Name / Rating
Alexander Valley Vineyards winery, Alexander Valley Vineyards

Alexander Valley Vineyards winery, Alexander Valley Vineyards

Alexander Valley Vineyards winery, Alexander Valley Vineyards

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