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Bremer Family

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Rating: D
Apr 10th, 2010
975 Deer Park Road, St Helena, CA 94574

Phone: 707 963 5411

Hours: By Appointment Only; 10am-5pm

Club/Discounts: Currently No Club

Tasting Fees: No Charge

We had a great time at Bremer. It was the last winery on our list for the day and it is usually never good to be last when you have been drinking all day; especially with a group of 20 people. But Bremer was great. Richard runs the tasting room and he met our group and brought us into the cellar where they had large tables set up for us to taste at. What really surprised me was that they were pouring their 2004 release, which happened to be the current release!! Bremer barrel age their reds in French oak for 32-36 months and their Chardonnay for 18 months. The wines are very smooth and the service is really great; Richard was pouring whatever he had open. Both John and Laura Bremer were at the winery and came into the tasting room to meet with us and talk to us about their wines, winery and the Bremer story. We got an impromptu tour of the very impressive caves they are currently building and you can tell they have spared no expense in what they are doing. The first release was 2003. We would like to go back and try the wines we did not get to taste, especially some of the Howell Mountain wines. Highly recommended.

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2004 Claret ($70)Rating: C
Apr 18th, 2010
Really smooth and drinking very well, this is a Bordeaux style blend.
2004 Howell Mountain Merlot ($75)Rating: C
Apr 18th, 2010
Now we are talking. Very good structure and bigger finish. A very nice merlot with mountain fruit. This will get better. Need to come back to this and the rating should improve
2004 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ($60)Rating: C
Apr 18th, 2010
Again very smooth. Drinking very well with soft, supple tannins. Not sure how long the wine would age but definitely enjoyed drinking it
2006 Bremer Family Chardonnay ($45)Rating: C
Apr 18th, 2010
Coming from a person who never raves about Chardonnay, I actually enjoyed this wine and it was a pleasant break from all the reds of the day. Crisp wine. Not the usual heavy-buttery Napa Chardonnay
2001 Austintatious ($50)Rating: B-C
Sep 20th, 2008
Some fruit on the nose, but limited fruit flavours on the tongue. nice tannins and a good finish that lingers.
2004 Napa Valley Merlot ($55)Rating: B-C
Apr 18th, 2010
Very smooth merlot. 40% Howell Mountain fruit. Not huge finish but drinking very well. I would wonder how well this would age

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Bremer Family winery, Bremer Family

Bremer Family winery, Bremer Family

Bremer Family winery, Bremer Family

Bremer Family winery, Bremer Family

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