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Sebastiani Vineyards

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Rating: B-C
Jul 10th, 2005
389 Fourth Street East, Sonoma, CA 95476

Phone: 707 933 3230

Hours: Open Daily 10am - 5pm

Club/Discounts: Cherryblock Wine Club - 15% Discount

Tasting Fees: 3 wines for $8. Tasting free with $20 Purchase.

Sebastiani produce amongst the best value wines I have tasted in Napa or Sonoma. Their wines are all very nice and at a price point of under $20 represent excellent value. The winery itself is designed to handle large crowds, with a huge parking lot and tasting room, and picnic areas outside. The tasting room has a lot of shopping available, which a lot of people look for at the larger type wineries. Personally, we were heading straight for the tasting bar, where the service was good. A nice place to visit close to downtown Sonoma.

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2002 Cherryblock Cabernet Sauvignon ($75)Rating: C
Jul 10th, 2005
22% Merlot, 78% Cabernet. It is very approachable younger but will also last years. Ian got a cherry flavor. Very soft at the start and well balanced. Very nice.
1999 Sonoma County Merlot ($14)Rating: B-C
May 12th, 2004
Better taste on the second night. Very drinkable - light fruit flavour and smooth. Good Value, worth getting more.
2000 Sonoma County Merlot ($17)Rating: B-C
Jul 10th, 2005
We unanimously decided that this is the best value wine at the winery. Medium bodied, well balanced and very smooth. A very nice Merlot at a great price.
2002 Cabernet Sauvignon ($17)Rating: B-C
Jul 10th, 2005
More complex than the 2001 and side by side I definitely preferred the 2002 Cab. It has a bigger finish than the 2001.
2001 Cabernet Sauvignon ($17)Rating: B
Jul 10th, 2005
This wine has a very dark garnet color. Not a huge finish but a nice wine.
2001 Sonoma County Zinfandel ($15)Rating: B
Jul 10th, 2005
"Raspberry". A very nice, smooth Zin, again at an excellent price
2003 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir ($15)Rating: B
Jul 10th, 2005
"Blackcurrent", "Ash Finish". Good color and smell and a nice initial taste. Very good value for $15

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Sebastiani Vineyards winery, Sebastiani Vineyards

Sebastiani Vineyards winery, Sebastiani Vineyards

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