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Michael David Vineyards

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Rating: B
Jun 21st, 2008
4580 W. Highway 12 Lodi, CA 95242

Phone: (209) 368-7384

Hours: Daily 10am - 5pm

Another winery with a large range of wines. We had an interesting experience at this winery/farmers market... Based on history, we were looking forward to a great lunch - but we missed it since the cafe closes at 3pm. Instead we sampled one of their award winning pies - the best in Lodi !!! Maybe it was the pies that brought the surprise guest into the building, a grass snake snuck under the restroom door while making use of the facilities - fortunately, no bites involved. OVerall the staff seemed disinterested in service, there were a lot of guests and seemed to be a shortage of people actually serving, although many people were scurring about.

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2006 7 Deadly Zins ($17)Rating: B
Jun 21st, 2008
Medium bodied Zinfandel, decent drinker not sure how this would age
2006 Petite Petit ($18)Rating: B
Jun 21st, 2008
Subdued tannins, with nice combination of fruits. Matched well with a sweet fruit pie.
2004 Incognito Rouge ($20)Rating: A-B
Jun 21st, 2008
Not sure what this is - muddled fruit and a lot of alcohol
2006 Lodi Red ($9)Rating: A
Jun 21st, 2008
Technically this is wine - red slightly fruity flavoured alcohol in a bottle. Avoid.

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