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Lucas Winery

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Rating: C
Jun 21st, 2008
18196 N Davis Road, Lodi, CA 95242

Phone: (209) 368-2006

Hours: Thurs - Sun 12 - 4:30pm

One ofhte oldest wineries in Lodi area, extremely friendly staff. First ime, I've ever had someone come out to great me as I park and walk in. On entry, the owner David Lucas greeted us and informed us that there were a series of carnival games outside involving used corks, that were very amusing. Lucas has a lot of history and experience in Zinfandels. Unlike many of their neighbours, they have stayed focused on a couple of varietals rather than growing and bottling every varietal you can think of. A very enjoyable visit and well worth it if you can make it on one of their special open days.

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2003 "Citizin" Zinfandel ($35)Rating: B-C
Jun 21st, 2008
Zinfandel from 55 year old vines, good body with nice fruit and tnanin balance and a limited amount of pepper. Very nice, probably the best of hte day.
2000 "Zinstar" Zinfandel ($30)Rating: B
Sep 10th, 2007
Balanced and drinkable, but nothing to write home about.
2003 "Zinstar" Zinfandel ($35)Rating: B
Jun 21st, 2008
75 year old vines that produce a more tannic wine, that also comes with a lot of pepper. This will probably improve with time, if fruit can stand up to the tannins.
2004 Late Harvest Strwa Wine ($65)Rating: B
Jun 21st, 2008
Sweet, but very drinkable - especially with the chocolate that they serve with this wine.
2006 Zinblossoms ($20)Rating: B
Jun 21st, 2008
Almost a Rose of Zinfandel, best served very chilled. Very light in flavour and pleasing to the tongue, but does not taste that great when not cold enough.
2005 Chardonnay ($29)Rating: A
Jun 21st, 2008
Nice and cold on a very hot day, but too oaky for me

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