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Opus One Winery

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Rating: A-B
7900 St. Helena Highway, Napa, CA 94558

Spectacular setting, but pompous staff. David's girlfriend was able to make friends with a winery executive and got some extra vintages to taste - but before that it was very dry service. Love their earlier wines, but not sure if the recent years are up to the same mark. Worth a visit once, but not a regular stop (unless you want to camp out looking for celebrities).

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1996 Opus One ($160)Rating: DD
Jan 26th, 2005
      Best Wine - January, 2005

Spectacular - tasted twice, lots of flavour, long finish. (160 Restaurant price)
1994 Opus One ($130)Rating: D
Dec 25th, 2008
      Best Wine - November, 2006
      Best Wine - December, 2008

Drinking really well, very smooth, fills the mouth with a fantastic finish. Definite Bordeaux style, a hint of pepper. Very, nice! Didn't need much time in the decanter, could go straight from the bottle. Will last longer but wouldn't let it go to the next decade.

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