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d Arenberg

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McLaren Vale

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1998 The Coppermine Road ($50)Rating: C-D
Dec 31st, 2011
Big dense purple Cab. Nice bit of acidity and tannin that works with the red fruit flavors. Needs to be decanted and run through a strainer, serious amount of sediment. Will revisit after decanting properly and letting breathe to see if it gets a C in the not too distant future. Indeed a decanter and a strainer did have a very positive effect on the wine. Drinking very nicely.
2003 The Laughing Magpie ($34)Rating: B-C
Jan 31st, 2010
A Shiraz-Viognier blend, very dark and broody, good balance, smoky finish. Could go for a few more years but doubt it will benefit much from it.
1998 Ironstone Pressings ($50)Rating: B
May 3rd, 2008
70% Grenache, 20% Shiraz, 10% Mourvedre. Not at it's peak, drier than a nun's ... Better with chocolate, needs some fat or liquid to pull itself out of the gutter at the end of a California summer. Too dry for me.

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