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1250 Cuttings Wharf Road, Napa, CA 94558

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1994 Cabernet Sauvignon ($100)Rating: C
Aug 1st, 2007
Needs time to breathe, but opens up after about an hour. Not a lot of fruit left, but some good structure and smooth tannins in there. Nice chewy finish.
1999 Cabernet Sauvignon ($65)Rating: C
Sep 20th, 2008
Smooth. Nice fruity nose, good fruit with slight acidity and a very smooth finish. Good tannins, should last a few more years.
2001 Cabernet Sauvignon ($75)Rating: C
Jun 20th, 2008
Great wine for weekend drinking, opening up after a couple of hours. A beautiful, but tannins are starting to outshine the fruit. may need more time - we were being kicked out of the winebar, so not enough time to enjoy. Will look forward to tasting this again.
2005 Napa Valley Merlot ($24)Rating: B-C
Aug 15th, 2008
Good potential, initially chalky on the palate, but given time to breathe, it brings through good smooth fruit with good structure and a chocolaty finish

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