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Rutherford Hill

Buy Online

Rating: B
Feb 17th, 2008

Phone: 1 800 MERLOT 1

Not very attentive and asked for cash up front. Killer views, great picnic location (or go to Auberge for a burger).

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2004 Cabernet Sauvignon ($32)Rating: B-C
Feb 17th, 2008
Much better than the 2003, smooth with better fruit and finish.
2004 Merlot ($25)Rating: B-C
Feb 17th, 2008
"Burnt toast", "Crackers". Soft fruit compared to tannins, a very young wine. Come back to this later - has potential.
2004 Reserve Merlot ($70)Rating: B-C
Feb 17th, 2008
Just opened a bottle - better nose than regular merlot. Much more balance and better structure, with a medium finish. Not worth $70
2003 Cabernet Sauvignon ($32)Rating: B
Feb 17th, 2008
Light berries and watery. Wine smells better than it tastes, but dies a death on the finish. No thanks.
2004 Petit Verdot ($30)Rating: B
Feb 17th, 2008
Tight finish - reminds me of the smell of making jello shots years ago (alcohol and fruity jelly). Sharp and not very good.
2004 Terlato ($48)Rating: A-B
Feb 17th, 2008
Good nose, but not a big punch. Good fruit at first and then fades, before the tannins come back later - odd.

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