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Dominus Estate

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2570 Napanook Road, Yountville, CA 94559

No tasting room

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1996 Dominus Estate ($110)Rating: D
Jul 14th, 2007
Excellent wine. Fantastic nose of toasty oak. Perfectly smooth and balanced fruit. Great structure and medium finish. "Smells like velvet"
1986 Dominus Estate ($100)Rating: C-D
Nov 3rd, 2005
      Best Wine - November, 2005

Excellent balance between fruit flavours and tannins, very smooth and long finish
1998 Dominus Estate ($76)Rating: C-D
Nov 4th, 2005
I really enjoyed this wine - great accompaniment to petit filet, filled the mouth with flavour and a satisfying finish
1999 Napanook ($38)Rating: C
Nov 7th, 2005
Good balanced cabernet with berry and earthy flavours - nice finish
2000 Napanook ($24)Rating: C
Dec 12th, 2004
Good fruit and structure - should last a few more years
2002 Napanook ($37)Rating: B-C
Oct 15th, 2006
Dark berries on the nose, balanced fruit on the tongue and smooth finish

Sort by : Vintage / Name / Rating

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