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Swanson Vineyards

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Rating: C
Dec 7th, 2007
1271 Manley Lane, Rutherford, CA 94573

Phone: 707 944 0905

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday by Appointment Only. Seating times 11am, 1.30pm, 4pm

Club/Discounts: Up to 20% Discount

Tasting Fees: Jean Lafitte Tasting: $30, Harvey Tasting: $55. By appointment only

Swanson is very strict on their tasting policy. They have three seatings during the day for a maximum of 8 people. We did the Harvey Tasting for $55. Definitely the most expensive tasting we have done in Napa Valley, but it is pretty unique and worth doing once. The tasting room (or salon as they call it) is excellent. An intimate setting around a round table with a big open fire, you get to taste multiple wines while sampling cheeses and chocolate. It is a very comfortable setting and you are definitely not rushed, you can sit back, enjoy the wine and chat to the people around you. The service was very good and the servers are very attentive. We found the wines overall were good (the merlot is consistently good and at a good price too). $55 is a little on the steep side for a tasting though, even though it is unique.

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1999 Merlot (Magnum) ($45)Rating: C
Dec 22nd, 2007
Big merlot - not as big as a Bancroft - but still has good berry fruit on the nose. Smells and tastes like a classic merlot. Good structure, with a lot of tannins still remaining, although they did soften over the time that the bottle was open. Drinking well now and should last a couple of years at least.
2001 Alexis Cabernet Sauvignon ($50)Rating: C
Jun 10th, 2005
A blend of four varietals (mainly Cabernet), this is the flagship wine of Swanson. Nicely balanced with good fruit and silky tannins that linger in a medium-long finish. A good year for this winery.
2002 Napa Valley Merlot ($23)Rating: C
Aug 27th, 2006
      Best Value Wine - August, 2006

Very drinkable, like the 2001, the 02 Merlot has good balance and solid flavours from the first pour. The tannins will keep this wine tasty for years to come.
2004 Alexis ($70)Rating: C
Dec 7th, 2007
100% Cabernet, Alexis is Swanson's signature wine (or cult following wine). Definitely a nice wine with good fruit up front and tannins. I would like to come back to this wine. It needs some time in the bottle. Great pairing with chocolate (and curry powder!!). Sounds strange but it was excellent
2004 Merlot ($36)Rating: C
Dec 7th, 2007
Swanson's merlot is consistently good and the 2004 is again a smooth, well balanced merlot that is very good value. We paired it with a cow's milk cheese (18 month's aged), and the combination was excellent
2006 Chardonnay ($38)Rating: C
Dec 7th, 2007
Low production Chardonnay (396 cases), we were pleasantly surprised and thought it was very good. Crisp and smooth, not your typical "buttery" Napa Chardonnay. Paired with caviar - A nice way to start the day!!
2004 Sangiovese ($75)Rating: B-C
Dec 7th, 2007
Nice wine. Good nose. Drinks well. Tough to pay $75 for it though

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