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Paloma Vineyard

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Rating: C-D
Jan 20th, 2008
4013 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena, California 94574

Phone: 707 963-7504

Hours: Appt only for mailing list members

Club/Discounts: Limited mailing list

Tasting Fees: None

Barbara Richards was very friendly and welcomed us into her home when we arrived - all day the other wineries were talking about Paloma and how lucky we were to get an appointment there. Amazing views from the balcony, overlooking the valley floor. Barbara and her husband Jim work the winery by hand and are very selective in when they pick each row due to variable micro-climates that ensure this wine is at it's best when it reaches the bottle. Barbara opened a bottle of 2005 and it was clearly the wine of the day.

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2005 Spring Mountain Merlot ($50)Rating: D
Jan 20th, 2008
      Best Value Wine - January, 2008
      Best Wine - January, 2008
      Best Merlot of 2008
      Best Value Merlot of 2008
      Best Value Wine of 2008

Beautiful merlot, full of flavours, very balanced with great structure and fruit, and a great finish.

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Paloma Vineyard winery, Paloma Vineyard

Paloma Vineyard winery, Paloma Vineyard

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