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Heller Estate

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Rating: C
Sep 17th, 2005
69 West Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Phone: 831 659 6220

Hours: Open Mon-Thurs 11am - 5.30pm, Fri-Sun 11am - 6pm

Club/Discounts: Two Clubs to choose from. Silver Club: 15% Discount. Gold Club: 20% Discount

Tasting Fees: $5 Tasting Fee (Refundable with 2 bottle purchase). Reserve Tasting: $10

I really like this winery and the wines they produce. The wines are certified 100% Organic and the winery is located in the Carmel Valley, and is definitely recommended if you are in the area. The Tasting Room is well laid out - there is room for about 10 people to taste and there is also a lot of retail shopping that you can do in the winery. Some of the sauces are excellent! The service was very good and the staff are very knowledgeable about the wines and the winery.

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2001 Cabernet Franc ($34)Rating: C-D
Dec 29th, 2006
      Best Value Wine - December, 2006

Very good wine - tastes better than many cabernet sauvignons. A good balance with a long finish and plenty of flavour.
2001 Estate Merlot ($35)Rating: C
Sep 17th, 2005
93% Merlot, 7% Cab. Very well balanced Oak/Fruit. Very smooth with good finish. Drinking well right now. Favourite tasting at the winery
1999 Cachagua Cabernet Sauvignon ($14)Rating: B-C
May 5th, 2005
Bought off display shelf from winery - flat at first, but opened up later.
2002 Cabernet Franc ($55)Rating: B-C
Sep 17th, 2005
Deep purple red color. A nice wine
2002 Cachagua Cabernet Sauvignon ($20)Rating: B-C
Sep 17th, 2005
78% Cab, 22% Merlot. Very good value at $20, this is an excellent wine. Smooth with a nice finish.
2002 Toby's Vintage Port ($35)Rating: B-C
Sep 17th, 2005
100% Merlot. I really liked this port. Full bodied with a long finish
2000 Estate Merlot ($21)Rating: B
Apr 17th, 2006
Light but drinkable, no fruit and a soft finish
2001 Cachagua Cabernet Sauvignon ($14)Rating: B
Jan 11th, 2008
Fruity but a little harsh on the palate and fades into a medium tannic finish. May be past its best already
2002 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($40)Rating: B
Sep 17th, 2005
83% Cab, 17% Merlot. This wine had just been released 3 days earlier and I found it too young to give an accurate rating. It needs time in the bottle
2000 Meritage "Celebration" ($70)Rating: A-B
Sep 17th, 2005
62% Cab, 30% Merlot, 7% Cab Franc. This wine had won a lot of awards and I was excited to taste it. But I was very disappointed with the lack of fruit. Later I was told that the bottle I tasted had been open all day which would explain the poor tasting
2003 Pinot Noir ($35)Rating: A-B
Sep 17th, 2005
100% Pinot Noir. Very light with little finish. Not good value

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Heller Estate winery, Heller Estate

Heller Estate winery, Heller Estate

Heller Estate winery, Heller Estate

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