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Bravante Vineyards

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Rating: D
Jul 12th, 2008
330 Stone Ridge Road, Angwin, CA 94508

Phone: 707 972 1114

Hours: Thursday-Sunday, 11am-5pm

Club/Discounts: 10% Discount

Tasting Fees: $10. Refundable with Purchase

We have tasted Bravante several times a the Family Winemakers event at fort mason and are known to Michelle who pours at the event and normally works in the tasting room. We love the wines and the service we get at the family winemakers is always enjoyable - even though we engage in some abusive banter with Michelle.

Bravante is on our list of wineries to taste and our expectations are high that the level of service at the winery will match our experience at the tasting events.

We finally got to visit Michelle at Bravante and had an excellent time. Michelle gave us unbelieveable service and invited over Jeff Popick of Chameleon Cellars and the Bravante winemaker Duane Dappen (and also D-Cubed Cellars) to meet with us and taste some of the excellent wines on offer. In all we must have tasted about 15 bottles!! Unfortunately of course I lost my tasting notes so we will have to go back and do it all again but the experience was excellent. Note that the Bravante tasting room is not actually open yet (they are building a new one), so we got treated to a private tasting at one of the owners houses in Howell Mountain. Probably not your typical tasting but if you can persuade Michelle to offer it to you, then you should not miss this. Excellent wines, excellent tasting and an awful lot of fun. Highly recommended!!

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2002 Howell Mountain Merlot ($30)Rating: C-D
Jan 28th, 2006
      Best Value Wine - January, 2006

Favourite wine at Family winemakers event, great nose of dark fruits, body that fills your mouth and a lingering finish
2004 Cabernet Sauvignon ($49)Rating: C
Aug 24th, 2008
Lovely Howell Mountain Cabernet - smooth, rolls on the tongue.
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon ($49)Rating: C
Aug 24th, 2008
Great depth of fruit on the palate with a lovely finish.
2005 Howell Mountain Trio ($22)Rating: C
Aug 24th, 2008
Blend of Cabernet, Cab Franc and Merlot. Good balanced blend with chewy fruit flavours and a medium-long finish. Enough tannins that will hold up and improve for years to come. Great value.
2004 Simpatico ($70)Rating: B-C
Aug 24th, 2008
A little softer on the front, with more tannins in the finish than the '03. Should hold for a good few years.
2003 Simpatico ($70)Rating: B
Aug 24th, 2008
Nice fruit from a mostly Cabernet blend, but tasted a little hot on the finish.

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Bravante Vineyards winery, Bravante Vineyards

Bravante Vineyards winery, Bravante Vineyards

Bravante Vineyards winery, Bravante Vineyards

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