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Lynmar Winery

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Rating: C
Dec 8th, 2007
3909 Frei Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Phone: 707 829 3374

Hours: Open Daily 10am - 5pm

Club/Discounts: 15% Discount

Tasting Fees: 10

Lynmar was our last visit on a crowded wine tasting day, and we almost did not go at all but for the recommendation from one of the wineries earlier in the day. So we decided to check it out. We were really hoping for some high quality wine to finish the day with, as the majority of the wineries we visited earlier were just average. Immediately we were happy to see that Lynmar only produces two types of wine - Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and they do both very well. The tasting is excellent - the servers are very friendly and the service is outstanding. We loved the fact that you sit down at a comfortable table and they bring you out four Riedel glasses (two Chardonnay and two Pinot Noir), to taste at your own pace, side by side. Very few wineries offer this type of service. Also the tasting room is very comfortable - Not sure how they could do this type of tasting if the place was busy, but we did not care at the time....We were comfortable, happy and the wines were great. Finally!! The setting is beautiful with great views out over the winery. Definitely recommended. One downside is that we were charged the tasting fee even though we spent over $300 on wine but I suppose they have to pay for the staff one way or another, but it costs them a point in rating.

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2005 Estate Quail Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir ($60)Rating: C
Dec 8th, 2007
Why is it that the one Pinot of the day that we really like is $60 a bottle? Finally an excellent Pinot. Very well balanced, great fruit and finish. Excellent Pinot and a great way to finish the day.
2007 Russian River Chardonnay ($15)Rating: C
Mar 6th, 2011
Nice burgundy style with a softer California approach, a bit less severe than its overseas cousins. Crisp floral/fruit notes and nice minerality, buy a full or mixed case and get 50% off, a steal.
2008 Russian River Pinot Noir ($20)Rating: C
Mar 6th, 2011
Similar to the Chardonnay, this at $20 per bottle is free money if you buy a case. Good structure, nice tannins and acidity, balanced fruit blend of red and blue, soft and ready to drink.
2008 Terra De Promissio Pinot Noir ($70)Rating: C
Mar 6th, 2011
Classic Pinot, a bit more broody, darker and heavier which with some time in the cellar and an hour or so in a decanter would not be out of place in any wine evening or at any dinner.
2005 Estate Quail Hill Vineyard Chardonnay ($40)Rating: B-C
Dec 8th, 2007
OK, get this. The tasting notes describe this wine as follows: "lemon meringue, cantalope, ruby red grapefruit, lychee, vanilla bean, baked pears, blood orange, Gravenstein apple, tarragon and papaya". Now how ridiculous is that!!! With all of those flavors this wine must be good....And it is. Excellent Chardonnay. 100% French Oak. Very nice wine
2005 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir ($36)Rating: B-C
Dec 8th, 2007
Easy drinker, nice structure. Good Pinot but nothing special. "Earthy"
2008 Jenkins Vineyard Pinot Noir ($70)Rating: B-C
Mar 6th, 2011
Slightly more red fruit version of their Pinot, good balance but would prefer a bit more heft for the price.
2005 Russian River Valley Chardonnay ($30)Rating: B
Dec 8th, 2007
There is definitely a certain amount of "toastiness" to this Chardonnay. Sue noticed the burnt finish. 60% French Oak. "It hits the back of the mouth". Will probably get better over the next year.
2005 Serenite Russian River Valley Chardonnay ($35)Rating: B
Dec 8th, 2007
Very light golden in color, you could mistake this for a Sauvignon Blanc in flavor at first, with a Chardonnay finish. It was unfortunately served a little too warm (go figure - all the wines we had been drinking today were too cold).

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Lynmar Winery winery, Lynmar Winery

Lynmar Winery winery, Lynmar Winery

Lynmar Winery winery, Lynmar Winery

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