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Dutton Estate

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Rating: B
Dec 8th, 2007
8757 Green Valley Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Phone: 707 829 9463

Hours: Open Daily 11am - 5pm

Club/Discounts: 10% - 25% depending on quantities purchased

Tasting Fees: Estate Tasting: $5, Reserve Tasting: $15

Nice tasting room with some retail. Pretty small place but very comfortable. We had been tasting poor to average wine all day so we were hoping to find some winners at Dutton Estate, but unfortunately the wines were very average. The girl working the tasting room seemed about as interested to be there as we were by the end... It had been a long day and it looked the same from her. She was friendly but vaguely attentive. $15 for the reserve tasting seemed a little high considering the reserve bottles retail for $32-$50. Why pay $15 for a tasting as you can get a bottle for just over double that?

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2005 Jewell Block Pinot Noir ($47)Rating: B-C
Dec 8th, 2007
Definitely the best of the winery but a little pricey at $47. Good Pinot. Smooth, well balanced, good finish. Tried again May 2008. Super light Pinot, one step up from a Rose. Very light red - you can see right through it. Not much body. A nice drinker to start the evening. Very limited production hence the price. Not worth $47
2003 Warrens Reserve Syrah ($36)Rating: B
Dec 8th, 2007
Nothing to write home about. Just an average Syrah
2004 Gail Anns Syrah ($36)Rating: B
Dec 8th, 2007
Getting better. Good balance but less of a finish. Good fruit
2005 Three Blocks Syrah ($25)Rating: B
Dec 8th, 2007
Another average Syrah. Getting bored of drinking average wines at this stage. Where are the good wines?
2008 DevilsGulch Pinot Noir ($58)Rating: B
Mar 5th, 2011
Bit like the staff, character is not overly abundant, is pleasant a nice way of saying average! Would be mad to buy this at this price given the competition.
2008 Dutton Ranch Pinot Noir ($38)Rating: B
Mar 6th, 2011
Well, could be worse but could be better.
2003 Dutton Ranch Syrah ($30)Rating: A-B
Dec 8th, 2007
Deep garnet in color, heavy wine with big tannins. Chewy
2006 Karmen Isabella Pinot Noir ($32)Rating: A-B
Dec 8th, 2007
Light and fruity Pinot with a soft finish. "Strawberry".
2008 Duton Ranch Chardonnay ($35)Rating: A-B
Mar 6th, 2011
If you really like Chardonnay, this is not the spot for you. I am sure wine club members look forward to their shipments and are thankful they only get two bottles! Got good reviews but couldn't see why, might have had too much Pinot/Syrah to truly get the finesse but it must have been very, very subtle.
2006 Dutton Ranch Rose of Pinot Noir ($15)Rating: A
Dec 8th, 2007
Ouch. Hideous. "Smells like old socks and tastes like piss". I am not sure what piss tastes like but if it tastes like this it cannot be good

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Dutton Estate winery, Dutton Estate

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