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Revana Family Vineyards

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Rating: A-B
Oct 13th, 2007
2930 St Helena Hwy North, St Helena, CA 94574

Phone: 707 967 8814

Hours: Open Daily 10am-4pm. By Appointment Only

Club/Discounts: No Club

Tasting Fees: 10

Revana Family Vineyards pretty much sums up everything we do not like about Napa. It is unbelievably pretentious. The winery is small and you need to set up an appointment in advance, where you will be taken into their tasting room to try their Cabernet. The tasting room sits about 14 people around a table. The Cabernet is undoubtedly good, yet the server seemed more interested in name dropping than anything else. Before we even got to try the wine, we were told that this wine competes in the high end market against the likes of Screaming Eagle, Harlan, Shafer Hillside Select, etc. He must have dropped their famous winemaker name (Heidi Barrett) about a dozen times. We were then told about the famous people that come to the winery such as Bush's daughter last week (who they turned away because of the Secret Service) and Mike Piazza. Also seemingly they have very high end clientèle who fly in to Napa to visit the winery. Some of the others in the tasting room were lapping it all up and could not get their credit cards out fast enough but we could not wait to get out of there. If you like pretentious wineries then this is the place for you.

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2004 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ($105)Rating: C
Oct 13th, 2007
We drank the Cabernet pretty much right out of the bottle and it was very approachable. Lots of fruit up front, very smooth and well balanced with good tannins. Medium to full body with good structure. "Definitely not aggressive". Would like to try it again in a few years. Nice wine but not sure about the $105 price tag.

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Revana Family Vineyards winery, Revana Family Vineyards

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