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Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

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Rating: C
Sep 1st, 2007
24724 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, CA 95476

Phone: 866 522 8693

Hours: Open Daily 10am - 5.30pm

Club/Discounts: 20% - 30% Discount. Three Clubs

Tasting Fees: No Charge

We were driving by the very new and impressive looking Jacuzzi winery and decided we had to call in to check it out. Seemingly the 18000 square ft, rustic Italian building is modeled after the Jacuzzi family home in Udine Italy. It is an incredible building and whoever designed this place did not miss out on any details. I was very impressed by the architecture, the stunning courtyard, the wood bar and the fantastic Venetian glass chandelier as you walk through the main door (just look up). It is also very well located - one of the first wineries you hit as you head into Sonoma and onto Napa. The tasting room itself is large and caters to a lot of people. It also has a retail section. The server who helped me was extremely nice and happy to be there, telling me all about the winery whilst filling me up on their wines. Unfortunately the wines are not that good though.... But they are cheap and the place is stunning, so worth calling in and checking out. Jacuzzi Vineyards would be an excellent place for a wedding (if you could bring your own wine!!)

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2004 Sonoma County Valeriano ($48)Rating: B
Sep 1st, 2007
81% Cabernet and 17% Sangiovese. An interesting blend. Definitely had more depth and structure to it with some tannins (finally)…I am going back to look at the architecture!!
2005 North Coast Primitivo ($22)Rating: B
Sep 1st, 2007
Not sure if I am just getting used to the fruit overload at this stage but the Primitivo tasted better than the others.
2004 Rosso di Sette Fratelli, Carneros - Merlot ($20)Rating: A-B
Sep 1st, 2007
Huge fruit again with little finish. Seems to be the standard at the winery. Cannot imagine any of these wines getting better after time in the bottle
2005 Barbera - Carneros ($28)Rating: A-B
Sep 1st, 2007
Perfume nose; again huge fruit. Deep scarlet. Not for me
2005 Carneros Nebbiolo ($28)Rating: A-B
Sep 1st, 2007
Very interesting nose and extremely fruity with little tannins. If you like a fruit-bomb, look no further. Not for me
2005 Carneros Pinot Noir ($24)Rating: A-B
Sep 1st, 2007
Oh dear. The nose alone is making me dread trying this one… But the server has been so nice that I have to make an effort. Tart finish. Not good
2006 Bianco di Sei Sorelle - Chardonnay ($20)Rating: A-B
Sep 1st, 2007
First wine of the day and a rough start. Very fruity but tart finish. Move on quickly
2006 Sonoma Coast Pinot Grigio ($21)Rating: A-B
Sep 1st, 2007
I am a fan of a nice Pinot Grigio on a sunny day so I was hoping this would be better than it was. Not very good. Time to try the reds

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