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Artesa Winery

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Rating: B-C
1345 Henry Road, Napa, CA 94559

Artesa has a special place in the memories of the wineaddicts - it is the only winery where we have been thrown out for misbehaviour. !!! The winery and tasting room are set into a false hill in the midst of their vineyards, the styling of the building is modern with a vast infinity fountain greeting you as you climb the steps to the tasting room. Inside the walls are covered with local art and you can almost miss the tasting bar to the left when you see the view through the glass doors down the valley floor. Certainly one of the highlights to the winery and a key part of the winery tours that run regularly through the day. Our first visit was as a bus trip with many friends, one of whom decided it would be a good idea to cool down by dancing in the fountain and splashing others nearby. Obviously the winery did not appreciate this and promptly asked us to leave. We have returned several times without expulsion and enjoy the balanced wines and great vista from the side of the tasting room. The tasting staff are knowledgeable and friendly, but are a little pushy with the club signup forms.

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1997 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ($26)Rating: B-C
Nov 26th, 2004
Nice fruity cab with good body and a slightly chewy finish. Should age well.
2000 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ($20)Rating: B
Oct 7th, 2006
Cherry tones on the palate, a decent Cab that would go well with a light meal during the week.
2001 Los Carneros Pinot Noir ($18)Rating: B
Mar 29th, 2007
Light fruit flavours, earthy tones and a crisp finish
1999 Los Carneros Pinot Noir ($24)Rating: A-B
Jun 30th, 2007
Not mad about this one - little fruit or finish. I preferred the 01, this may be past its peak.

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