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Peju Provence Winery

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Rating: C
Feb 3rd, 2007
8466 St Helena Hwy, Rutherford, CA 94573

Phone: 707 963 3600

Hours: Open Daily 10am - 6pm

Club/Discounts: 3 Clubs. 10% - 20% Discounts

Tasting Fees: $10 Complimentary with wine purchase

We had a great time at Peju. We got there late in the day and initially did not think we would be able to do a tasting there, as it was pretty crowded and they have a "Please Wait Here" sign, where a line had formed waiting to get to the tasting bar. The sign is to prevent the bar from getting over crowded. Shortly after we joined the line, we were invited upstairs to do a tasting in one of their private rooms. Our server was excellent. He explained each of the wines we tasted, was great fun and definitely enjoyed us being there. We thought the wines were average, but definitely enjoyed our visit and would recommend it.

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2003 Rutherford Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon ($105)Rating: B-C
Feb 3rd, 2007
Dark ruby red. Nice fruit up front and big tannins. This wine will last and needs to be put away for a few years. Would like to try again in a few years. Does not seem like the fruit will hold up to the tannins. Not worth $105
2003 Cabernet Sauvignon ($40)Rating: B
Feb 3rd, 2007
Big tannins but seemed to lack body. Good everyday drinking wine.
2003 Syrah ($32)Rating: B
Feb 3rd, 2007
"Good fruit, spice, black pepper flavor". The Syrah seemed very smokey. This would go great with a BBQ (which we did later this evening)
2004 Zinfandel ($25)Rating: B
Feb 3rd, 2007
The Zin was surprisingly good considering it is almost a massive 16% alcohol. Big wine. Again got hints of spice and pepper
2003 Merlot ($35)Rating: A-B
Feb 3rd, 2007
Did not like the Merlot. Sue got a hint of white pepper. 15% alcohol. Seemed hot on the finish

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