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Barnett Vineyards

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Rating: C
Jan 20th, 2008
4070 Spring Mountain Road, St Helena, CA

Phone: 707 963-7075

Hours: Appt Only 10am - 4pm

Club/Discounts: Cabernet Club. No Discount

Tasting Fees: $25 tasting fee refunded with purchase

At the top of Spring Mountain Road (well it appeared to be the top!!), we had an appointment with Barnett Vineyards. It is a little tricky to find so give yourself some time if you are visiting. Barnett produces about 6000 cases of wine with Cabernet being the main focus. The vineyards are planted on steep terraces at about 2000ft elevation - because of the steep contours of the land, the yields are only 1-2 tons per acre, and all the harvesting is done by hand. The mountain fruit produces huge, very dark ruby red wines, that definitely could do with some time in the bottle. We were drinking wines that had been open for a day and were still huge!! The views from the winery are stunning - perhaps the best we have seen in Napa Valley. Unfortunately we were there on a freezing cold January afternoon so we couldn't enjoy the views too much, but the "tasting room in the sky" - an outdoor deck built at the highest point on the property overlooking the valley, is a stunning place to drink some wine and have a sandwich. We will definitely be back when the weather is warmer!! As for the wines, we found the Cabs expensive. We understand the amount of work it takes to make these handcrafted Cabs but once you start getting into the $100+ range for a Cab, there is some serious competition out there. The servers were very friendly and the location is stunning so definitely go there if you get a chance.

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2005 Spring Mountain Merlot ($45)Rating: C
Jan 20th, 2008
Super dark ruby red, big fruit and big tannins. Bottle was open for a day and was still chewy on the palate. Will improve - big merlot that will improve with time.
2006 Rattlesnake Hill Cabernet Sauvignon ($120)Rating: C
Jan 20th, 2008
Single vineyard estate 100% Cab, mountain fruit opened one day, very dark ruby red syrah-like. Chewy tannins, needs a lot of time - would like to come back to this, but definitely not worth $100 plus.
2005 Cyrus-Ryan Cabernet Sauvignon ($90)Rating: B-C
Jan 20th, 2008
100% cab with big fruit up front, dies off, not much finish. Drinking well right now - fruity and smooth, but not a long finish. Not as complex as the rattlesnake.
2005 Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon ($65)Rating: B-C
Jan 20th, 2008
Big fruit, very dark red with a soft finish, but big tannins. Average cabernet, was expecting more from this wine.
2006 Savoy Vineyard Chardonnay ($40)Rating: B-C
Jan 20th, 2008
No butter, but crispy and light and as Chards go - this was a good one, but pricey.
2006 Tina Marie Pinot Noir ($40)Rating: B-C
Jan 20th, 2008
An Anderson Valley Pinot that is much better than the Savoy, more body, fuller, bigger mouth with a good finish. A nice wine. more substance and a good finish.
2006 Savoy Vineyard Pinot Noir ($52)Rating: B
Jan 20th, 2008
Definitely not worth this price, earthy nose, with little fruit or finish. Perfumey on the palate. Flowery but bland.
2004 Cabernet Sauvignon ($65)Rating: A
Feb 9th, 2007
No fruit and no finish - "That is bad"

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Barnett Vineyards winery, Barnett Vineyards

Barnett Vineyards winery, Barnett Vineyards

Barnett Vineyards winery, Barnett Vineyards

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