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Valley of the Moon Winery

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Rating: C
Jan 6th, 2007
777 Madrone Road, Glen Ellen, CA 95442

Phone: 707 996 6941

Hours: Open Daily 10am - 4.30pm

Club/Discounts: 25% Discount

Tasting Fees: Free (4 Tastes). $2 Reserve Wines (Each Taste)

You can definitely tell the difference between the service of the Napa wineries and the Sonoma wineries as soon as you walk in the door. The wineries on the Sonoma side are so much more laid back, and the servers really seem appreciative of you being there. Valley of the Moon is such a winery. The tasting room is very big with a large part of the room dedicated to retail, and it can really cater to a lot of people. You get four complimentary tastes and each taste of their "reserve" wines cost $2. We also did a vertical of the Cuvee de la Luna for $5 - The 1998, 1999 and 2000 can only be purchased in a gift case (not sold separately). The wines are good value yet we had difficulty trying to buy some wine at the end as the server seemed to be ignoring us, which we considered a bit strange. A good place to visit with good value wines. Recommended.

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1999 Cuvee de la Luna ($35)Rating: C
Jan 6th, 2007
Best wine at the winery. Good body and tannins. Well structured. Drinking well. Nice wine
2002 Cuvee de la Luna ($35)Rating: B-C
Jan 6th, 2007
Great nose of the meritage style wine. Good, all around well balanced wine. Nice finish.
2004 Zinfandel ($18)Rating: B-C
Jan 6th, 2007
Good fruit and a nice finish. We probably marked it up higher after tasting the pretty rank Barbera previously. Good value at $18
1998 Cuvee de la Luna ($35)Rating: B
Jan 6th, 2007
Not much fruit left in the 1998. Easy to drink and still has a lot of tannins
2000 Cuvee de la Luna ($35)Rating: B
Jan 6th, 2007
Kind of similar to the 1998 in that in was missing the fruit up front but a long finish.
2003 Old Vine Reserve Zinfandel ($25)Rating: B
Jan 6th, 2007
Preferred the 2004 regular Zin. This had a stronger Zin flavor - Smelled Port-like
2003 Syrah ($20)Rating: B
Jan 6th, 2007
Inky, dark color. Big finish. "Aftertaste of burnt wood". Could get better if it sat down for a while
2004 Sangiovese ($18)Rating: B
Jan 6th, 2007
Nice. Clean finish. Drinkable (but would not drink too much of it). Good value
2005 Pinot Noir ($22)Rating: B
Jan 6th, 2007
"Smells like a Pinot" is always a good way to start when tasting a Pinot Noir. Light fruit, short-medium finish. Very average Pinot
2006 Zinfandel ($20)Rating: B
Jan 31st, 2009
Softer than the OV, with medium berry fruit and ok finish.
2004 Barbera ($20)Rating: A-B
Jan 6th, 2007
Oh, oh. Definitely not too good. Sharp finish. "Methylated Spirits". Pretty bad
2006 Old Vine Zinfandel ($25)Rating: A-B
Jan 31st, 2009
Chewy tannic wine, no fruit

Sort by : Vintage / Name / Rating
Valley of the Moon Winery winery, Valley of the Moon Winery

Valley of the Moon Winery winery, Valley of the Moon Winery

Valley of the Moon Winery winery, Valley of the Moon Winery

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