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Frank Family Vineyards

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Rating: C
Dec 9th, 2006
1091 Larkmead Lane, Calistoga, CA 94515

Phone: 800 574 9463

Hours: Open Daily, 10am - 5pm

Club/Discounts: No Club. 10% discount on a case (or more)

Tasting Fees: No Charge

I had called the winery a week earlier and scheduled a private tasting for six people. When we got there though, there seemed to be a certain amount of confusion over who was in charge of the tasting. Eventually we were pointed towards Dennis Zablosky who took us into his office where we all sat in a row along the wall and drank the various wines. It was definitely a very interesting experience. Poor Dennis had been out at the company party the night before so he definitely was not doing too well, and he looked like he was about to pass out at the mere sight of more wine. But overall this was a great visit. There are three small tasting rooms in a small, narrow building with the office in the center. The people who work there are all fun and enjoy discussing the wines, which are very good. Definitely recommended.

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2003 Cabernet Sauvignon ($45)Rating: C-D
Aug 19th, 2007
Very good Cabernet
2002 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon ($75)Rating: C
Nov 10th, 2006
Fruity out of the bottle, but settled after decanting and good solid Rutherford cab taste. Lovely finish, will be good for another few years - decant when young.
2003 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon ($75)Rating: C
Dec 9th, 2006
Very good wine. Smooth with an excellent finish. Big tannins. Needs to sit down for a few years. Will definitely get better. Tried again June 2008 and the tannins had smoothed out. Decanted for one hour. Drinking very well. Excellent wine
2004 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ($50)Rating: C
Nov 30th, 2008
Good colour and fruity on the nose. Strong cherry flavours balanced with medium tannins and a decent finish.
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon ($54)Rating: C
Apr 3rd, 2009
Strong nose of blackberries and a hint of minerals. Good chewiness that coats the tongue with a long lingering syrupy finish. Excellent.
2002 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ($40)Rating: B-C
Dec 9th, 2006
"Chocolate". Nice smooth tannins. Drinking very well right now. Nice wine. Good value for $40
2002 Winston Hill Red Wine ($125)Rating: B-C
Dec 9th, 2006
Very big tannins with less fruit up front. I preferred the Reserve Cabernet so I could not justify the price on the Winston
2005 Napa Valley Chardonnay ($32)Rating: B-C
Dec 9th, 2006
"Liquid crème brulee". This is a nice Chardonnay. "Supple". Definitely not the usual buttery Chardonnay from Napa
2004 Zinfandel ($35)Rating: B
Dec 9th, 2006
Dennis referred to the Zinfandel as LPR (Liquid Panty Removers). When asked where the name came from, he mentioned that the wine is an astonishing 16%. It was surprisingly decent for such a high alcohol content
2006 Napa Valley Zinfandel ($37)Rating: A
Jan 31st, 2009
Tastes corked, needs to be retasted

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Frank Family Vineyards winery, Frank Family Vineyards

Frank Family Vineyards winery, Frank Family Vineyards

Frank Family Vineyards winery, Frank Family Vineyards

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