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Family WineMakers of California
Date: Sunday, August 21st 2005
Location: Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

This is a great wine tasting event; we highly recommend it. Over 350 wineries from all over California, under one roof. Every varietal of wine made in California is represented at the event, so there is something here to please every “wine addict”. What is great about this event is that it truly is “Family WineMakers” – you get to sample wines from wineries you would probably never hear about; very low production wines made in people’s garages, to larger better known wineries.

The cost this year was $45 at the door or $35 in advance. The event was open to the public from 12noon to 4pm on the Sunday only (open to trade the following day). We had been to this event in 2004 when it was held on a Saturday and the crowds were huge, so this year we were pleasantly surprised that it was on a Sunday as the number of people attending was definitely smaller.

Myself (Shane) and Ian attended and, even though we wanted to try all of the wineries, we had to be selective to avoid getting absolutely plastered in search of good red wines. Wines that particularly stood out and impressed us are listed below:

Favourite Wine of the Day:
Andrew Geoffrey 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon ($75)

Best Value Wines:
Bravante 2002 Howell Mountain Merlot($29)
Jocelyn 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon ($32)
Rockledge 2002 Zinfandel ($22)

Other Wines of Note:
Barnett Vineyards 2002 Spring Mountain Cabernet ($60)
Fort Ross Reserve 2002 Pinot Noir ($49)
Liparita Cellars 2001 Merlot ($30)
Snowden 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon ($60)

Wineries we took cards from (i.e. we enjoyed their wines and plan to visit):
Bravante Vineyards
Keenan Winery
Liparita Cellars
Signorello Vineyards
Flora Springs
Barnett Vineyards
Andrew Geoffrey
Stonefly Vineyards
Rockledge Vineyards
Guilliams Vineyards

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