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The rating system is a five point system ranging from A (Lowest) to DD (Highest). Each of the Wine Addicts prefers large full bodied wines (DD) rather than flat or light bodied wines (A).


Wine Rating System Winery Rating System


Full bodied, incredible aroma, breathtaking taste with incredible look to match. A finish that leaves you longing and dreaming of more. Ageless. A sensory overload. A beauty. A classic. BUY!!!




OUTSTANDING!!!! The highest rating we can give. This is a must visit winery and a rating we seldom give out. The winery must be the best of the best in service. To achieve this rating the winery must offer the same excellent level at least two times in a row.




Full bodied with a long lasting, smooth finish. Great to look at, even better to touch, unbelievable to taste.  Will age beautifully yet gracefully. A truly fantastic wine for those very special occasions.




An excellent winery. Staff are outstanding and will maximise your time by offering tours of the winery or barrel tastings randomly. The staff will go out of their way to accommodate you. Highly recommended.




Medium to full bodied, firm yet elegant. Drink it today or put it away for a few years. Will age well, but will start to deteriorate over the years. A very good wine. C


Good service. The staff show an interest in what they are serving you and the tasting room feels very accommodating. A good place to visit. Recommended.




Light to medium bodied. Young yet flavorful. Fruity. A nice everyday wine. Too much of it though, and you'd probably get bored.


B Mediocre. Neither good nor bad. The staff don't really mind if you are there or not as they are getting paid anyway. A very average experience




Flat, young and barely legal. A waste of money. An office party wine; to be avoided, unless you are looking for a present for someone you really dislike.




Dismal. As bad as a winery can be. Extremely poor service. The worst rating we can give for a winery. We would not go back again. AVOID.


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