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Vintners' Festival: A Taste of the Mountains
Santa Cruz Mountains Wine Growers Association
June 4 & 5 / 11 & 12, 2005

Vintners' Festival: A Taste of the Mountains

The Santa Cruz Mountain region has won acclaim for their local wineries since the 1800’s, now there are over forty, small, family-owned wineries in the region that are a part of the SCMWA. This was a two-weekend event of which the Addicts and a few friends & family members attended on Saturday, June 11th. The attractions included tasting of special wines, an array of nibbles provided by participating restaurants, music, art exhibits, winery tours and some barrel tasting. It was a great opportunity to taste and/or purchase regional wines that we found enjoyable from Santa Cruz, as unlike Napa the wineries are not all located in one area.

The cost is $20 in advance or $25 if you purchase your admission at one of the participating restaurants or wineries. The event hours are 11 a.m.-5 p.m. with restaurants closing at 4 p.m.

Recommended Wines/Wineries

River Run
was pouring their selection of wines at Theo’s restaurant, which has a beautiful garden to admire while you are tasting. They offer many varietals, and on this warm day the Chardonnay tasted very nice which is something coming from a gal that favors the red.

Hunter Hill Winery
is a little gem located on a sun filled hillside in Soquel. This is always a favorite, as the owners & staff are very friendly and hospitable, they do a mean barbeque, and they have a few wines that are very good. They are known for their Pinots, which have received medals at various competitions. The Old Vine Zinfandel is quite nice, not too much pepper. We have yet to try their 2003 Estate Reserve Syrah, so we will have to get down there again this year! While you are there, look for the dog’s face in the wood at the tasting bar.

After the day’s wine tasting, we relaxed at a friends nearby beach house and looked a little worse for wear on a long drinking day.

Participating Restaurants We Visited
Michael's on Main
2591 Main Street

3101 N. Main Street
Soquel, CA
(831) 462-3657

Cafe Rio
131 Esplanade
Aptos, CA
(831) 688-8917

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