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Napa Limo Tour
Aug 22nd, 2015
Took another trip to a couple of wineries off Highway 29; Napa and Calistoga. Sat down with renowned winemaker, Bob Egelhoff, to taste some of his excellent offerings and fun conversations all around. Visited Olney Family Vineyards for an excellent tasting with David and Shirley

WineAddicts trip to Crane and Egelhoff
Oct 4th, 2014
Hot day in Napa pushing 102 degrees. Never hot enough to be tackling big reds though....Crane was a completely new winery and wines for us. Very low production, mostly sold through membership. Bob Egelhoff wines we have had before and are always impressed; plus Bob is a ton of fun to sit around and have a few glasses with!!

Fisher and Montagna
Sep 6th, 2014
Trip to Napa to check out the wines of Fisher on Spring Mountain and then over to Pritchard Hill to visit Montagna. Another big Cab day; lots of purple teeth and tannins.

Napa Trip and Wine Pickup
Feb 8th, 2014
Great time of the year in Napa as it is relatively quiet. We called into Lewelling for a wine pickup and tasting and followed this up with tastings at Hayfork and Taplin, all wines produced from the fantastic Lewelling / Taplin family vineyards. Also called into Sequoia Grove for a tasting of their single vineyard Cabernets

Sue New Job!
Jan 27th, 2014
Sue has joined the team at Blue Ventures Wine Marketing in San Rafael and is extremely excited ( We have been tasting some of the excellent Spanish wines they represent. More to follow...

Limo Trip to Napa
Dec 27th, 2012
Great day taking a limo of friends around Napa to celebrate the end of 2012. Started out at a very small winery called Caspar Estate which was really excellent, followed by a private tasting at Acme Wines in St Helena. Finished the day at another small winery none of us had visited before called Ruston. Lots of new wines and wineries; great day!!

Beringer Cellar Sale March 2012
Mar 24th, 2012
Lining up in the rain at 8.30am on a Saturday morning to try to get some really good deals at Beringer. If you have not been to this before, it is definitely worth going, even though the first 10 minutes are pretty crazy. But it is worth it for the deals; Private Reserve Cabernets for around $50 and Single Vineyard Cabs for around $35; Alluvium and Merlot for around $12. Plus you get around 40 wines to taste. A great event

St Helena Tasting - Appellation  (more...)
Feb 24th, 2012
We had another great experience at the Appellation St Helena tasting at Charles Krug winery.

WineAddicts Trip to St Helena
Dec 28th, 2011
I really love going to Napa this time of the year. The colors are beautiful and the place is pretty empty so you generally have the wineries to yourself. Definitely the best time of the year in Napa!! We had a fantastic day out at Lewelling, Anomaly, Merus and Beringer; did not have a disappointing wine all day and got treated excellently in all locations!! Happy New Year!!

Howell Mountain Visit
Dec 20th, 2011
Went to Howell Mountain to sample Seavey and Conn Valley (again). Had a fantastic time at both. Followed up by a few samples at Maisonry in Yountville

Company Wine Trip to Sonoma
Dec 15th, 2011
Took 30 people on a corporate event to Sonoma from San Francisco. Blending class at Ravenswood, lunch at Nickolson Ranch and bocce and vino at Ledson. All followed up by dinner at Sonoma plaza. Another excellent day in wine country!

Halloween Wine Limo
Oct 29th, 2011
Another great trip to wine country with friends, this time in a limo in costume. The theme was '80s. Hilarious day and great visits to Etude, O'Brien, Sojourn and Michael Mondavi

Family Winemakers San Francisco
Aug 21st, 2011
Great day at Family Winemakers. A lot of great wine and a lot of not so great wine. The outstanding highlights for "wines drinking today" were the Meander 2006 Cabernet and the Pride 2008 Cabernet. The Donum Pinots were a stand-out. Always a fun day out

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Aug 20th, 2011
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Surprise Napa Limo Trip with Friends
Jul 16th, 2011
Sue surprised me with a group of friends and a limo for a day of wine tasting at David Fulton, Seavey and B Cellars. Followed by a night of drinking in Calistoga. Made for a 3 day hangover!!

Shane 40th Birthday Weekend In Napa
Jul 15th, 2011
Spent my 40th birthday touring around Napa, hitting some new wineries and some old favorites. Had excellent tastings at Sodaro, Arrow & Branch, Behrens & Hitchcock and Beringer

Private Tasting at Conn Valley Vineyards
May 28th, 2011
Still raining in May!! Thought today would be a nice sunny day in Napa. Got that wrong. Lots of rain but had a great tasting at Conn Valley in Howell Mountain

Clos Pegase - Wine Cave Dinner
May 24th, 2011
Lobster dinner in the wine cave at Clos Pegase with approx 100 work colleagues. Really great time eating with our hands and drinking lots of vino

Sue's Birthday in Napa
Jan 15th, 2011
What a day. Started the day with some champagne followed by a great trip to Pride. Had a fantastic tasting with Scott. We found a great new winery called Meander Cellars at the bottom of Spring Mountain which we really enjoyed. Finished the day at Maisonry in Yountville followed by dinner and drinks at Bottega... Fun, fun, fun. Happy birthday Sue

Evening in Yountville
Dec 16th, 2010
A very decadent day in Napa Valley. An excellent tasting at Shafer followed by dinner at The French Laundry. Wow!! Extremely expensive but if you get a chance it is an unbelieveable dining experience. You definitely could not afford to do it too often though

Appellation St Helena Tasting (more...)
Nov 3rd, 2010
Great tasting at the Appellation St Helena media tasting at the Rudd Center in the Culinary Institute. We had already been very impressed with the 2007 vintage from Napa Valley, and this tasting gave us an opportunity to try a variety of 2007 wines; very impressive all around. Five flights of wine altogether. Unfortunately we missed the first 2 flights but were very impressed with what we did get to try.

Ian's 40th Birthday Wine Trip
Oct 30th, 2010
For Ian's 40th we took a bus to Napa for some wine tastings. Champagne on the bus, Beringer for the morning and Del Dotto cave tour in the afternoon. Great day and happy birthday Iano!!

Vineyard 29 Summer Party
Jul 31st, 2010
A great day out at Vineyard 29 in St Helena. They were pouring the very good 2007 Cru Cabernet Sauvignon along with a pre-release sampling of the 2008 Cru and a barrel tasting of the 2009 Cru. Nice food, good wine and music. We're looking forward to trying their estate Cabs next!!!

Antica, Astrale e Terra and Krupps Wineries
Jun 11th, 2010
Spent a beautiful and fun weekend at a wine estate on Atlas Peak with stunning views over the Valley. Took a few hours out to visit three local wineries on Atlas Peak and had a great day out. Beautiful wines, great service and killer locations. Great visits all around

Clos du Val and Zeitgeist Release Parties
May 8th, 2010
A WineAddicts trip to Clos du Val for the release of the 2006 Stags Leap Cabernet and up to 750 Wines in St Helena for Zeitgeists release of the 2007 Cabernet (and their excellent to be released Syrah). We also stopped by Del Dotto and Long Meadow Ranch. Another fun day in Napa!!

Duckhorn Open House
May 1st, 2010
A bunch of us attended the Duckhorn Open House that is always a fun event. Lots of good wine and food. Beautiful day too. Pretty hungover today though!!

Winter Wonderland Wineroad
Jan 17th, 2010
We followed the Winter Wonderland Wineroad event for Sue's birthday and had same great wines and awineries on and off the trail. The standouts of the day were Stuhlmuller, Stonestreet and MacPhail. (more...)
Aug 23rd, 2009
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Annual Blind Chilli and Wine
Jul 11th, 2009
This year we had 6 blind chilli and 8 blind wines - followed by a few more along with UFC PPV. Not everyone felt very well the next day.

Happy 40th Steve
Jul 4th, 2009
To celebrate our friend Steve's 40th, his lovely wife Sandy arranged a bus trip to Napa for friends. We savoured champagne in the Ansel Adams gallery at Mumm and outdoor wine tasting on the new Beringer patio behind the Rhine house where we presented Steve with a 6L Private Reserve !!

Divide and conquer
May 2nd, 2009
Addicts split up for the weekend to cover tastings North and South. Wine festival in Paso Robles and Duckhorn open house in Napa.

Sonoma Superstars Tasting
Feb 19th, 2009
Attended the Sonoma Superstars event in SOMA, lots of Pinots, Chards and a few Cabs and Zins. Our favourites of the night came from Fort Ross winery.

ZAP Tasting 2009
Jan 31st, 2009
First time at the Zinfandel Appreciation event at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Hundreds of people, over 300 wineries poured a selection of Zins. The vent filled two of the pavilions at Fort Mason. We got there early and managed to set a wineaddicts record of 100 tastings in a day.

Holiday Tastings
Dec 30th, 2008
Quick visit to the wineries during the holiday break. Some good finds during a quiet time at the wineries including Maisonry and Girard

Xmas Season arrives
Dec 13th, 2008
Wine and Cheese bonanza - 1999 horizontal, with some old favourites and new tipples.

70s Dinner
Oct 27th, 2008
A special tasting at Four Seasons in Palo Alto that included several 1970 Bordeaux and 1994 Harlan.

Beringer Cellar Sale
Oct 25th, 2008
Twice a year Beringer open the cellar doors to members and public as they clear space by offering substantial discounts on current and vintage wines. We had an opportunity to taste a mini vertical of Private Reserve before purchasing the 1995 and 1997 - great wines that still have time to develop.

Coach Trip with the family
Oct 11th, 2008
Our friend Deanna organized a coach trip with parents and friends - Chandon, Sullivan, Diamond Oaks and Beringer. Beringer was a late add with the ever hospitable Carlos due to a local fire canceling our final wine stop of the day.

Two new Wineries
Aug 30th, 2008
Tried out two new wineries in Napa: Reynolds Family and Signorello

2008 Family Winemakers
Aug 24th, 2008
Another year, another vast selection of great wines. This was the first time for Jules, and he was pleasantly surprised.

Looking south
Jul 16th, 2008
We tasted at Uncorked Event's South American tasting. What a busy week of wine tasting

Wineaddicts go on vacation !!
Jul 11th, 2008
A long weekend in Sonoma with trips to some great wineries including Bravante and another memorable visit to Beringer

Visit to Lodi
Jun 21st, 2008
Branching further afield to wineries in Lodi. Michael David's, Jewel and carnival games at Lucas

1000 Wine Reviews !!!
May 16th, 2008
Crossed the 1000 ratings barrier and added ratings and editors for International wines.

Paso Robles Wine Festival (more...)
May 16th, 2008
Sue & Shane attended the 26th Annual Paso Robles Wine Festival

Del Dotto
Apr 20th, 2008
An entertaining visit to Del Dotto and a few other wineries.

Clos Du Val Spring Fling
Mar 22nd, 2008

A vertical tasting at home for fellow members - may be a new tradition.

The First Wine Addict Bud Break
Mar 3rd, 2008
Congrats to Sue and Shane on the arrival of baby Elsa - the newest wineaddict.

Favourites in February
Feb 17th, 2008
Updated tastings at some of our favourites for the new year: Clos Du Val, Beringer and Duckhorn

Spring Mountain in January
Jan 20th, 2008
First trip of the new year for the Addicts up Spring Mountain, including some new favourites: Terra Valentine, Behrens & Hitchcock and the memorable Paloma Awards 2007
Jan 1st, 2008
First annual awards from

Pinot tasting in Russian River
Dec 7th, 2007
A record day of 40+ wines tasted Alderbrook, Davis Family, Dutton Estate, Gary Farrell, Holdredge, Longboard and Lynmar

Napa in October
Oct 13th, 2007
Visited Napa for some new and some old favourites Dutch Henry, Keever and Revana Family

Hop into the tub
Sep 1st, 2007
Pop in on the way to Tahoe to visit Jacuzzi, one of the newest wineries in Napa.

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Jul 30th, 2007
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Triple 7
Jul 7th, 2007
Addicts and friends visit some of our favourites; Beringer, Duckhorn, Montelena and Clos Du Val.

500 Reviews
Jul 4th, 2007
Reached 500 wine ratings since we began the site 2 years ago.

Trying some new names in Napa
Apr 11th, 2007
With some good and not so good results: ACME Fine Wines, Cliff Lede, Clos Pegase, Alpha Omega and Sullivan

Surprise Birthday Visit
Apr 7th, 2007
A surprise wine bus trip for David's birthday that included Gloria Ferrer, Merryvale, Beringer and Clos Du Val. Our Beringer tasting pushed their rating to DD - the first to reach top level as we were again treated to a great tasting with crafty Carlos.

Spring Mountain tasting
Feb 8th, 2007
Attended a Spring Mountain tasting festival at Fort Mason.

Superbowl wine tasting
Feb 3rd, 2007
Superbowl Saturday trip to Ehlers, Rutherford Grove and Peju.

Welcome to 2007
Jan 6th, 2007
First trip of the year with good experiences at Benziger, Valley of the Moon and Arrowood. Lets hope these good experiences continue throughout the year.

Blind Wine Tasting 2006 (more...)
Dec 1st, 2006
Added a summary of our annual Blind Wine Tasting, where a wine from Spring Valley Vineyard in Washington was wine of the night.

Hearts of Sonoma Valley Open House, 2005 (more...)
Nov 25th, 2006
22 wineries over a two-day period in Glen Ellen and Kenwood

Site Revamp
Nov 10th, 2006
Cleaned up the site with blogging added to homepage, thanks to Tico for help with the graphics.

Wine of the Month Awards
Nov 4th, 2006
Added Wine of the Month to the left side of our homepage for regular visitors. We will now be adding tasting notes for all California wines, including those drank from our own cellars.

Private Beringer Tasting
Oct 28th, 2006
Private tasting at Beringer in the Rhine House.

Wine Spectator Wine Experience 2006 (more...)
Oct 26th, 2006
An amazing day at the San Francisco Marriott that started with tasting 10 top California Cabernets and finished with a night of Grand Tastings of some 190 of the best California, Oregon and Washington wineries.

Turley Zinfandels
Sep 30th, 2006
Flying visit to Top Zinfandel producer, Turley

More Duck please
Aug 12th, 2006
Additional tastings at Duckhorn, one of our favourites

Coach tour to Napa
Jun 10th, 2006
Coach tour of 3 new finds: Elyse, Farella Park and Laird Family Estates

February tastings
Feb 20th, 2006
Posted updates for our trips in february which included reviews for Heitz Cellars, Havens Wine Cellars and Corison, and updates to Duckhorn and Sequoia Grove.

Clos Du Val 1st Annual Grape Stomp (more...)
Oct 22nd, 2005
Three of the addicts + one guest addicts, drove up to Napa empty handed, and returned satisfied and trunk full of reserve magnums.

Family WineMakers of California 2005 (more...)
Aug 21st, 2005
Our first visit to a memorable wine tasting event at Fort Mason

Santa Cruz Mountains Wine Growers Association, 2005 (more...)
Jun 11th, 2005
Vintners' Festival: A Taste of the Mountains

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