About the Wine Addicts
We, the Wine Addicts love wine. We're addicted to it, especially red wines. We started this website as a location to keep notes on the wines we taste and the wineries we visit, as originally we had a hard time remembering what wines and wineries we liked the most. We also have got frustrated with all of the descriptions on wines, so we thought we could make it a little easier by using a very simple rating system and keeping the descriptions of the wines easy and concise. On a recent trip to Napa / Sonoma we found the following flavors listed for one wine:

"Lemon meringue, cantaloupe, ruby red grapefruit, lychee, caraway seed, vanilla bean, baked pears, blood orange, Gravenstein apple, tarragon and papaya…. Ginger, white chocolate and fresh bread dough on the finish"

Wow!!! Now that’s a lot of flavors!! Who comes up with this stuff? The marketing department was definitely working long hours to come up with that description.

So, we're tired of wine being described as "Prussian leather" and "polished hardwood floors". We know what we like and we want to keep it very simple, and that’s the idea behind this website. Nothing crazy, just straight-forward reviews of what we have tasted and the wineries we have visited.

We, the Wine Addicts are here to help...

Ian - Cellar Master, Principal Taster
Although I started drinking wine as a youngster in Scotland - I helped my mum make wine from wine kits when I was 12 - I never really developed an appreciation (or addiction) for wine until moving to sunny California in 1996. (one of my favourite years for Napa cabs). As the "detail" guy in the group, I'm also the webmaster and cellarmaster, keeping track of what we taste, buy and drink.
It is great to drink wine amongst friends, but even better to go looking for great wines with friends in some of the best scenery in the world.

Shane - Chief Wino, Principal Taster
You might ask "What do the Irish know about wine??" Well, I grew up drinking Guinness in the bars of Dublin and after spending 10 years in San Francisco, got addicted to the wines and wineries of the surrounding areas. I love nothing more than driving around some of the small, unknown wineries of Napa or Sonoma, looking for the next undiscovered "big red wine"...

Sue - Taster, Wine Trip Organizer
A true Californian, I was introduced to the wine country as a child by my parents. Of course, due to being just that, a child, I was not able to taste what was there to offer until I came of age. At such time, I attended a wedding in Sonoma and my brother-in-law suggested wine tasting with before the afternoon ceremony. Those were the days when there was a minimal tasting fee, if any. I thought, "Wow, you can come and taste all the wine you want amidst beautiful countryside and estates for nothing? I'm IN!" It was time to go tell my Irish beer drinking pals what they were missing. I planned a wine trip to Napa with Shane, and he contacted the Scots and asked them to go wine testing. From that day onward and subsequent decision to start WineAddicts, it has turned into sheer entertainment and a way of life.
I am the organizer of the bunch including winery tours via limo or bus with up to thirty or so friends, managing corporate off-sites, and scoping out tasting events in San Francisco and further afar. Originally I would have said that I am the most open to trying a variety of wines i.e. the "whites". However, over the years since our inception, though the focus by my Celtic comrades on the "big cab" has not waned, they do appreciate when they come across a white wine that is exceptional. Make no mistake though, if I had a choice to live forever with red or white, red is my favorite color!

David - Taster, Camera guy
In 1994 I left Scotland to come to the beautiful Bay Area. Little did I know there were world class wine regions just within an hour's drive. It was not long before I tasted my first classic cab (91 Silver Oak) and fell in love with Napa Valley. Now I can't get enough of wine country, the great wineries and exceptional wines. However, as you can see from our reviews not all wines or wineries are made equal. Cheers!

Julian - International Wine Taster
While barrel tasting in Spain in 1986, I thought, I could really get into this! From then on it has been a roller coaster ride. The ups have been memorable, tasting some of the great wines that France, Spain and Italy have to offer. However, finding a great German pinot noir, a sublime Western Australian Chardonnay or a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that can stand up to the perceived best is the really fun part. The good news is that is just the very tip of the iceberg, the variations of Country/region/sub region/producer/varietal/year/blend/terroir all contribute to the list. Everyone can use some direction to narrow down the playing field. Hopefully we can minimize the downs, steering you away from a Chinese Cabernet, encourage you to drink a bottle before it has turned or avoid the shattered expectations of a high priced lemon by directing you to great wines to be enjoyed now or put away for the right moment.