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Napa and Sonoma Wine and Winery Reviews
Over 100 winery and 1000 wine reviews was started by a group of friends in San Francisco, California that share a love of Red wine - especially big full bodied reds. This website is a place where we can share information about our visits to local wine country (Napa & Sonoma) along with ratings on different wines from around the world. The rating system we use is a five point scale from DD (High), D, C, B, A (Low).

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Silverado Trail Tastings
Oct 3rd, 2015
We decided to hit up the Silverado Trail and visit some new wineries and their tasting rooms. Typically we do not venture into tasting rooms anymore but it has been a while!! Wow were we disappointed. Napa (Hwy 29 and Silverado Trail) has really become everything we do not like. Ridiculously expensive tasting fees, highly over-rated and costly wines, wine "educators", extremely lavish wineries!! It is now all about the "experience" so people are paying a lot more to visit, stay, drink and eat. Good luck!

Napa Limo Tour
Aug 22nd, 2015
Took another trip to a couple of wineries off Highway 29; Napa and Calistoga. Sat down with renowned winemaker, Bob Egelhoff, to taste some of his excellent offerings and fun conversations all around. Visited Olney Family Vineyards for an excellent tasting with David and Shirley

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